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  1. Oh that's a super good one, going to be trying both methods for sure.
  2. Thank u for this ! I will try it out and keep you updated and tell you if they keep getting locked or not ! Appreciate it man Crazy thing is I literally downloaded the script after all my accounts got banned so I wouldn't have to do it by hand again , did those 15 tut island by hand and thought people just use scripts for it, but I will continue to do it by hand then since you think that's the way to go. Sounds good ! will go for another 15 account run this week and see how it goes, thanks for the motivation man really do appreciate it. That's all I needed man, you're the be
  3. Been having a real hard time starting my bot farm up.. have invested over 100$ in scripts and proxies already, can't find a way to not get account locked when i create it and try doing tutorial island, also keep getting banned 1-2 days in no matter what script i use or method i do.... there has to be another way because i see alot of people successfully botting and i just keep losing and losing, from 15 accounts i have none left in 2-3 days. Please help am even willing to pay good money for a private scripter that can make me scripts for $ , and just for a tutor/mentor to having a sucessful fa
  4. This script got the account I tested it on banned before it can even finish the quests, wouldn't recommend using it. waste of credits and GP for me sadly although it was pretty exciting even being buggy. weird cause this bot trains a bunch of different skills and does quests should look like a normal person playing, so this bot has to be detectable by jagex or something
  5. are you still selling level 3 training ?

  6. Looking forward to buying this script when its ready ! and also was wondering if you can make me a personal/private script, willing to pay good $ for it ! please let me know. PM me or let me know how you want me to contact you. P.S I tried the trial yesterday and it didn't wanna start for me, but just heard of the coin requirement gonna give it another go. Cheers and thank you for bringing good affordable scripts to the market.
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