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  1. I allowed close bank using ESC, off stolen rocks settings. What fo you think should work properly?
  2. [15:04:12] Downloading script 'aMiner v2'. [15:04:16] Script Started: aMiner v2. [15:05:02] Character is inside an upper level area. Will start mining that area. [15:05:04] Disabling Tribot's random dismisser for Motherlode. If you have dismissing enabled in motherlode settings, it will dismiss them [15:05:04] Disabled all randoms. [15:05:05] Current pickaxe is Dragon pickaxe [15:12:19] Script seems to be unable to close bank using ESC. Make sure that is enabled in-game. Disabling that setting! [15:27:01] Rocks were stolen from you 3 times. Worldhopping... [15:27:01] You can di
  3. Happy to use this bot, but i have small issue, it’s automatically Log Out after 1-2h of using it? How to switch off this? Help me plz @ stay safe!
  4. Hello @Encoded first big thanks for this bot. It works good, but i realise thing that that after you finish your Agility Seers Vilage course going back to the start always coming 2 steps near the start, so from the other person side if he sees that obws understands, so i believe it’s good to avoid, to change coming back trip to come near the start without that 2 steps , bug big thanks! have a good one. @ stay safe !
  5. Hello lovely people, i hope you’re all well! question: What time GMT+0 London system refresh for new month all the bots trial versions? (I know it’s cheeky ) I hope you understand my question best regards,
  6. Looks like is working smooth Thank you
  7. Agree with that, would be great to recieve a banking update. Many thanks!
  8. Hello, perfect script, please keep it updated as much as you can, really works very good. Best regards
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