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  1. wondering if there is a mining script out there that does mine sandstone and grinds it. willing to pay if needed.
  2. @Ark are u able to add tasks to skip? i myself dont like that it does steel dragons and that task takes ages to do.
  3. @Ark The bot doesnt pick up Brittle key from Gargoyles, would u be able to add that?
  4. it gets attacked by gargoyles but i think it starts thinking its a gargoyle task, cause i see on the thing it sais its gona do and it actually targets gargoyles and clicks it. I have to click further inside where gargoyles isnt visible and even when i do it starts clicking back to attack gargoyles.
  5. @Ark there is a minor bug when going to abyssal demons in slayer tower, it starts attacking gargoyles for a period of time which just sais u cant attack cause u dont have gargoyle as slayer task, maybe move up the spot or make it not attack gargoyles.
  6. worked yesterday but today doesnt seem to work at all. stays at this and ive got osbuddy client open. https://gyazo.com/0540ce54c5f2b8a81563093b9908e097
  7. Have a bug where its on a loop looting and repeating the process every time, ive tried everything used diff bank etc, its on gargoyles task. https://gyazo.com/7cba2ed94fa8351e332f55d1db48e326 @Ark
  8. i mean its wasting a charge, it is at varrock west bank and it uses ring of wealth to teleport to ge to use spirit tree, so basically its teleporting to varrock walks to varrock west, restocks with food etc, and uses ring of wealth to go to ge to use spirit tree, i think that is uneccesary, cause its wasting a ring charge.
  9. I dont have wealth equipped im equpping berserker ring, and it picks a wealth ring when its using a spirit tree only and going to GE with the ring to do aberant spectres.
  10. Im wondering why it uses ring of wealth charge to teleport to GE when it already is at Varrock west bank, even tho ive put it as walk to?
  11. ive currently been doing 3-4 hours daily ish and doing other skills at other times, for 2-3 weeks no ban yet.
  12. And if possible in the future add a button to not pick other peoples items dropped from mobs, cause my ironman keeps bugging on tasks alot durning this on crowded areas. it just sits there and spams to pick an item up.
  13. Any chance of adding herb sack for most herb tasks/ seed box for seed tasks etc?
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