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  1. im having issues where it only empties giant pouch at zmi, it empties it twice and teleports, it doesnt empty large pouch or medium, but it checks it at the bank if its empty. @Netami
  2. Looking to buy kc to get dwh on my iron, since im nearly 15k dry and getting tired of grinding for it. ive got cannon, bp, anguish, archer ring, slayer helm. im not paying 100k per kc like the most services ask for. id like a person who is trusted and pm your cost.
  3. id also pay for a lizardmen script.
  4. uninstalled, removed tribot folder and still this issue.
  5. try removing everything in basket and retry, worked for me. or open in incognito and try again.
  6. bought vip, can i upgrade to vip e without having to buy full price?
  7. i bought vip, can i upgrade to vip e without having to buy full price?
  8. @Ark having a bug where it repeats over and over withdrawing stuff but it doesnt actually withdraw anything and is stuck there. https://gyazo.com/b0eb90ed4404d649bfd0f69ab7f995a4
  9. so now what is there a link to the old ones or are we forced to use open osrs cause thats not what i paid vip premium for. @Dentist
  10. title, ive tried logging out and in for 2 days now and nothign doesnt work. happends since i downloaded the new tribot.
  11. for some reason the bot thinks i havnt done freminik isles, which i have it done, and it has gone there before, with cannon https://gyazo.com/ca2c3d1ad44ff47eb4b93e219678d761 @Ark
  12. @Ark ive had ironman looting the entire time and still doesnt seem to pick it up, item id should be 5100 https://gyazo.com/282218a1110ffefa06bc0ccc50ad5f09
  13. doesnt seem to pick up limpwurt seeds at all https://gyazo.com/6bb100aacf9b33a071631e14ed1cada0 @Ark
  14. i am an ironman and, have antifire potion in bank but it doesnt take it for some reason, and it does try to dodge it manually, but fails, weird that it doesnt take antifire potion.
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