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  2. Absolute fucking joke. Been a whole week now and i haven't been able to use the script i bought. What a bunch of clowns running tribot.
  3. why add this bs auth? everything was fine until you added this pedantic shite.
  4. Hi, cant log in, whench i click forgot password it says i cant change it after entering my email

  5. No ones replying to my forum threads and Tribot says i can't change my password amid this wholw Auth chaos.
  6. Hi, long time user. Acquired many 99's with this awesome script. However, i'm back after a year and some. Bot busting got alot stronger, this script still safe?
  7. I bought a proxy and VIP extended for the first time since my other accounts we're getting banned after a while, but after buying those 2 for the first time, i get banned overnight!? How do i stop getting banned? I don't bot for long hours or anything
  8. Can I get a refund? Useless script does nothing and only after trying for about 10 minutes does a pop up show saying i need 106m? the hell? I've never seen that much in my life Edit: Asked me for 160m to complete Ernest the Chicken Asked me for 90m for 10 cook levels....
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