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  1. I'll try to refine what I already have then. Thanks a bunch. One more quick question, are you familiar with the game state value returned from Game.getSetting(281)? I saw it in an open source script and it seems like a good value to control the state of the bot. If you have any documentation on it that'd be very helpful. It seems the client debug value for Game State is pretty useless
  2. That's really helpful, thanks. Can you shed some light on initiating the trade? I understand how to accept the trade now but not sure how to initiate.
  3. I just started delving into Tribot scripting a few days ago and I'm struggling to find any documentation on initiating trades. I understand what to do once a trade has started but don't know how to actually initiate a trade with another player. Any insight? I've tried moving the mouse to the exact tile the mule is on, executing a right click, then click text "Trade with <mule name>." This works sometimes, but seems to be dependent on camera angles and location of the bot relative to the mule. There must be a better way.
  4. Can you share a code snippet of how the bots execute trades? I'm struggling to find any examples of trading, and your bots essentially do what I need.
  5. What do the gameState values from Game.getSetting() correspond to? What do the values mean? I added some logging to see the gameState as each Node executes and what value that the Traverser is receiving. Just from looking at the code and running it, it seems getting to Tutorial Island is a gameState of 1000? Where is this coming from? It seems totally arbitrary without any documentation. E.g if I wanted to extend your script do do a task after tutorial island, how do I figure out the gameState values to trigger certain Traversals/Actions?
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