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  1. @testing1 I couldn't seem to get this to work either. Could you possibly link me the post you're talking about?
  2. Can someone help me figure out how to use looking glass with OPrs? my screen just goes black when i run it. OsBuddy works fine but I hate it . This is the client i normally use
  3. Hi I cannot get the looking glass feature to work. Ive tried deleting all my java installings and only have jdk32 bit. I re installed the OSRS original client and OPRS client and I cant get either one of them to attach. All it says is that its loading and it never does
  4. Hi I got a proxy server from Virmach. I cannot seem to get Tribot to connect to it. I have gotten a 3rd party internet browser called Maxthus to get it to work so I don't think that its the server that's not working. Yes I have VIP-E as well. Please help thanks!
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