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  1. 1. Looking glass as the only way to bot. 2. Every Tribot account must create their own mouse movements. 3. Script Logic can be profiled, so we need more ABCLv3 with more things like randomly walking to a nearby area and performing some ritual such as opening quest log, pretneding to read through a script, and walking back. Any script logic, even mimicking a player perfectly with random timing and reaaction times, the LOGIC can be detected. We need to make our bot so good that we can bot straight through tutorial island to 99 everything without getting banned. the question is HOW Must be using Looking Glass to avoid Client Detection Must be using Unique human player data for each account. Every singler player can be indentified. So 10000 people using HUman mOuse data can be seen as 'tribot human mouse users'.
  2. I'd buy a 4000 page tribot scripting book if you made one Einstein. I can see it now "Einsteins Scripting Bible" 4,000 pages, covering everything from Bot farming, to AI-powered antiban, to Implimenting a Human Mouse and reaction timing.
  3. Great script, thanks Einstein!
  4. ey Einstein I'd like to learn some modern scripting resources, I'm interesting in creating the next generation of Antiban. Similar to you Einstein and WastedBros ABCLV3. I'd like to help make macroing undetectable. Do you have any open source scripts I can learn from? I like your code quality the most. thanks. My goal is to bot tutorial island, fresh level 3 f2p straight to 99 wc. I know its possible. The question is HOW? 1. Looking Glass, 2. My own Human Mouse Data 3. I think Script Logic can be detected over time. 4. WebWalking is pretty consistant for bots, and pretty random for humans. TriBot Webwalking is very predictable, it clicks, then predicts, which is efficient, but humans are more random, humans will click on the screen to walk sometimes, and click different times on the mini map. The Curret web walker is to predictable and efficieint IMO. IMO the webwalkerusing the most efficient path by default leads to lots of bots using the default most efficient paths creating a pattern. My goal is to be able to bot for 1000 hours straight without getting banned. I know 100% its possible, we just have to perfectly emulate a human. I think the competitor botsite RiD is making the best advances in this area. For a mass market bot like Tribot I think a couple things are necessary Every user needs to record their own HUman Mouse data. WebWalking needs to be more randomized. Script Logic can be detected over time, Even with ABCL10 V2 V3 etc the script still performs the same functions and the consistant script logic over time is detectable.
  5. TheTutIsland is the current best Tutorial Island script, as long as the code is open sourced, I will try to maintaine a working script! Does it have ABCL10? etc? The bot got stuck at the final instructor, it was outside of the building and couldnt click the wizard for some reason.
  6. Any plans for a lifetime option? I'd happily pay $40 for a lifetime sub of Fishing and Woodcutter!
  7. This was a 1 tree mode, not progressive. Port Sarim Jail Willows. The bot was walking into the ocean. walkingintoocean.mp4
  8. The bot got stuck buying items again, an Asgarnian Ale The free JNMZ bot works perfectly, just look at the free versions GE code. I've been running the bot for 2+ hours fresh from a lvl 3 p2p account with 10m GP. The GE needed me to click the buy button, other than that, the bot has been training and questing flawlessly. It did agility, bot all items and teleported to tree gnome stronghold and ran the gnome agility course. Now its got my prayer up by using the wilderness chaous altar and is now training range in stronghold of security. This bot is amazing, I just hope it has ABCL2!
  9. The free version works perfectly at the GE. Just the premium version gets stuck. Premium version keeps buying items over and over, thats when I assist it along the way by clicking the buy button.
  10. @Einstein So if the bot is cutting 2 trees closest to itself, it will select a farther tree if its up avaible to be cut. But then if the closer tree responds, the bot detects it, and SHOULD cut it down. But isntead, the bot works chronoligically, and goes for the farther tree, then instantly clicks to closer tree. looks 100% botlike because it happens everytime the right conditions are true. Please look into it, the bot needs to only chop the closest trees. The current way the bot is working is it 'ques' a tree to be chopped, even if its far way. Great. But if a new tree re-spawns closer to the player, it detects it, and says it will chop it. But the bot chops the closer tree, only after it clicks the farther tree. The farther tree needs to be ignored and only the closest tree selected. So in the picture as an example, lets pretend the Red highlighted tree (current tree) and far right 3rd tree are the only 2 aviable willows. SO, the bot picks the farthest right tree for the next tree to cut. But then the Yellow highleted tree respawns, and then once the red highlted tree is cut down, the bot will go for the farthest 3rd tree, start chopping it, then go for the yellow highlighted tree. The bot picks the next tree while chopping the current tree, but then it picks a new tree if one spawns closer. But the but needs to override the farther treee, and just go for the closest one. Currently: Current tree, chop until down. Auto-selects fartherst tree. *Closer tree spawns* Bot marks closer tree as next tree. Current tree is done, bot clicks on farther tree. Then bot clicks on closer tree. HOnestly I see 2 good fixes. A: Just let the bot continue chopping the current active tree. B: properly set the bot to only chop the closest trees. The behaivor that needs to be gone is the swapping trees because it looks botlike. You just need to allow the bot to either override the farther tree if a closer tree is slected, or just let the bot chop any active tree, instead of the current behaivor of starting to chop, then moving to the what once the closer tree. Also, I cant get custom areas to work, Bot client tells me to click within the game window, and I do, with allowing player input and nothing happens. I can select any tiles. In my opinion a Radius would be a lot easier. SEt Center tile, and cut any X Willow Tree Within Y 20 Tiles.
  11. Please add a working AI powered auto-responder. Anyone asking about levels should be really easy wc level woodcutting level whats your tree chopping level etc
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