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  1. JavaFX WebView allows you to write your GUI's in any front end language you want while interfacing with the javascript backend. If using javascript I recommend you transpile your code down so that users on all platforms/servers can use it. GuiLoader: public class GuiLoader { private String frameTitle = ""; private GuiBridge guiBridge; private Stage parent; private boolean isDecorated = true; private boolean isModal = false; public boolean loadGui(String url) { SwingUtilities.invokeLater(() -> { new JFXPanel(); Platfor
  2. JustJ

    Just Tempoross

    You joke but I actually left the beta script available for about a week accidentally Luckily (Or unfortunately for you!) fixed now though
  3. JustJ

    Just Tempoross

    Do you mind giving me an update on what's happening for you? I'm giving it a run myself now and it seems to be going fine:
  4. JustJ

    Just Tempoross

    Hi guys, sorry about that. Unfortunately I made the terrible decision to do an update withing having the ability to fully test it as I thought it would be low risk. Unfortuately I pretty much messed it up, so released a broken version. I've submitted an update to fix the changes so the bot should run a lot smoother now.
  5. JustJ

    Just Tempoross

    Is there any debug in the other tab? Does this happen consistantly for you? Do you have breaking setup? It's weird the script would stop whenever you interacted with the client, especially if there's no error log
  6. JustJ

    Just Tempoross

    Can you be more descriptive about what's happening please? Including the debug if you can or at least the current status when "it does nothing"
  7. WorldTile#translate, similar to RSTile#translate The Projection class, mainly for me I use `Projection.getTileBoundsPoly` for checking if the mouse is already hovering a tile. Maybe this should just be added to the Tile class? The Prayer class having static/non-static methods with the same name is a bit annoying as it means you can't use method references on them, e.g Optional.ofNullable(prayer).map(Player::enable) would fail to compile as it's not sure if you want Prayer.enable(prayer) or prayer.enable(). I admit the naming is currently ideal though otherwise A better wrappe
  8. JustJ

    Just Tempoross

    Thanks for the reports! I'll take a look at optimising the % where it should just wait by the dock rather than switching task. You're right in that at a certain point it's better to just idle rather than trying to do something else. Released version 1.01 Changes: [Bug] Now will drop fish if required to pick up tools [Bug] Should better path towards tempoross to attack and not "get stuck" nearby
  9. Running this code: Mouse.setClickMethod(Mouse.ClickMethod.ACCURATE_MOUSE); new WorldTile(MyPlayer.getPosition().getX(), MyPlayer.getPosition().getY() + 6, MyPlayer.getPosition().getPlane()).click("Walk here"); Gives this result consistantly: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "org.tribot.api2007.types.RSModel.getEnclosedArea()" because "model" is null dax.walker.utils.AccurateMouse.attemptAction(AccurateMouse.java:242) dax.walker.utils.AccurateMouse.action(AccurateMouse.java:143) dax.walker.utils.AccurateMouse.action(AccurateMouse.java:130) dax.walker.utils.AccurateMouse.
  10. Nah I meant just have one of my scripts actually use all this code. I could do discord interaction though, it's not too difficult but probably not worth the payoff as I doubt most will use it
  11. Go on then. Updated. Maybe I'll add discord interaction to one of my scripts to try and justify doing that
  12. JustJ

    Just Tempoross

    What sort of Anti-ban are you looking for? I already have a bunch implemented, like reaction delays and the normal ABC2 checking xp, moving the mouse, leaving the screen ect. I could look at making this configurable?
  13. JustJ

    Just Tempoross

    Released version 0.04 Changes: [Feature] Added a GUI allowing you to configure your options and save profiles [Feature] Now refills your buckets before the game starts [Feature] Now will bank your excess gear before the game starts
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