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  1. Hi, instead of entering the quanity you want to buy, enter the amount in the shop at which you want to stop buying the item. For example, if you want to buy all the stock in the shop, set it to 0. Sorry this isn't clearer, I'll try and make it more obvious in future updates.
  2. Hi, sorry about that, I've just uploaded a fix for it - looks like it happened if you started the script with the shop open. My bad for not testing it enough
  3. Enter the item's name into the "name" field, and the amount of the item that should be in the shop when you wish to stop buying/selling the item in the other box.
  4. Released version 1.0.14 Changes: [Feature] Script will now open packs if you buy them
  5. Unfortunately not - I'm not currently looking to add argument support to this either.
  6. It looks like I don't currently support the bank due to the quest requirement. Do you want me to get you a refund?
  7. Sorry, the script doesn't currently support all deposit boxes in the game. What do you mean by "Click the ring slot"? Is it teleporting to a bank and then banking? The script will choose the closest bank it can access - if you don't want to use teleportation jewlery, unequip it from your character. Sorry, not directly. You can sell the gold and then buy the bot though.
  8. As discussed it would be good to see you make a script with a GUI. While it's not required, most users expect it and for anything more complex it'll need to be configurable. You said in discord you were most happy with your agility script so I'll look at that - although your firemaking script is a bit of a joke, it's literally like 4 actual lines of code. Plus if someone just plants flowers or lights a fire or something under a dropped log on the floor you're going to get stuck. 1. You've got a lot of potentially infinite loops: while (!isDistanceFrom(destination, 1)) { General.pri
  9. Yup - You can specify the worlds you want the bot to hop to, so you can just enter the leagues worlds into there. Growing giant seaweed is op though if you've got botanist!
  10. Hi! There were a few issues in the latest version of tribot to do with loading the inventory correctly. I believe Fluffee has resolved this this morning so it should be working fine now. Feel free to leave me a message if you're having any further issues.
  11. The "Stop At Quantity" is the amount in the shop when it should no longer buy. If you set this to 0, it'll buy out the entire shop. If you set it to 5 for example, it'll buy the items till the shop has 5 in stock. This can be used to only buy the items for cheaper.
  12. I've just gone and checked and it seems to be working for me. Make sure your Item setup looks like the following:
  13. Sorry, I don't actively check this thread as this was when it was in beta. Can you show me screenshots of your GUI please? I've just tested it with Soda ash and it's working - Make sure that you've properly set the "Buy until" column as the lowest number you want the script to buy down to, and that you've spelt "Soda ash" correctly - as well as setting it to buy.
  14. https://community.tribot.org/forum/38-requests/
  15. Make sure that you've filled in all of the tabs. For example, if you enable banking you need to fill in those values. Just clicking on a shop so it's highted is enough. Feel free to pm me pictures of your GUI setup so I can check it for you. I plan to do a GUI overhaul as that's the weakpoint of this script currently
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