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  1. JustJ

    Just Tempoross

    Is that bare hand fishing? What are the requirements to be able to do that?
  2. JustJ

    Just Tempoross

    I'll take a look at your suggestions. Re: refilling the bucket, the script prefers having at least one water bucket on it in case it gets stuck somewhere and has to run through fire - I'd recommend carrying 2/3 personally
  3. Not at the moment. If you want you can combine this with nRestocker to do that
  4. Sorry - I'm not likely to implement features that require using LG with a specific client and plugins to use. I think though if you have a openosrs plugin that *always* swaps the entries, it'll work
  5. JustJ

    Just Tempoross

    Noted - I'll take a look and make it automatically special attack when available
  6. JustJ

    Just Tempoross

    About now Released version 1.04 Changes: [Feature] Added the ability to choose the world you run on. Note the script doesn't yet support solo's, althought it's being worked on, so using a group world is recommended
  7. JustJ

    Just Tempoross

    Ah good shout, I'll look at adding that atm. Send me a PM so I remember if you don't mind. Looking into adding a solos mode too for better xp and tokens
  8. It shouldn't be bad at all but I'm a bit busy over Christmas. I'll be able to add it in the new year What issue are you having with charter ships? I know other people have used the script for it
  9. If you want you can just put the correct amount of gold in your inventory and set it not to withdraw - it's quite an edge case that you want to buy an exact amount so I'm not likely to add that option unless it gets requested more. I've just double checked and it seems to be counting properly for me - do you mind pm'ing me a gif of it not working properly including the debug?
  10. Sorry you were having issues with the client - good to know it's resolved now
  11. I'll take a look at the escape thing, nice idea
  12. JustJ

    Just Tempoross

    Yup. Here's a screenshot I was sent:
  13. JustJ

    Just Tempoross

    1. That's fair - I'll take a look at this so it better walks directly to the fishing spot 2. Putting out fires being enabled is definitely recommended - It's non-trivial to write a walking algorithm that always walks around it (Plus sometimes the path is 100% blocked) so it hasn't been a high priority 3. Would you prefer the script to just wait near the docks if it's got no fish to fire and the boss is "almost ready"? <20%? <10%? What do you think? 4. Oh I didn't even realise that was a possibility. Sure, I can add that. Solo runs is the next "major" feature I'm l
  14. Whoops! There was a problem uploading to the repository. I've corrected that now so it should properly work
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