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  1. Is there anything in the logs? If you could PM them to me that would be helpful
  2. Unfortunately not. It's really, really awful magic xp though isn't it? Compared to other methods that is
  3. Unfortunately not - I probably wouldn't recommend botting mort myre on an account you care about anyways. It's a heavily botted spot and bans wil be plenty
  4. Released version 1.0.27 Changes: [Feature] The paint now tracks the profit made using runelite's "high" price. Your actual profit is likely a bit more than this. [Feature] The shop selector will now be added to as you walk around runescape rather than you having to restart the script [Bug] The paint is now properly aligned on resizable mode [Bug] You can now close exit the GUI without completing it to stop the script
  5. I've been told that it should be fixed today
  6. The tribot devs are aware of the issue and working on a fix. In the meantime you can select the "Logout between world hopping" option in the GUI so that you can continue to use the script:
  7. Released version 1.0.?? Changes: [Feature] You can now select tokkul as a currency to purchase items with
  8. Hi, unfortunately I don't believe I can interact with LG plugins through the tribot client, but it is a good idea
  9. If you select "Custom worlds" in the gui you can manually select each world you want the bot to hop to. I'll have a look at increasing the timeout before it attempts again, thanks for the report
  10. I'm almost certain this is a problem with those specific stalls. I've hit it before and I've seen someone else do it too, but it only ever happens at those ardy stalls. I didn't dig anymore into why though Edit: Here's someone else hitting it https://community.tribot.org/topic/82157-random-unintended-actions
  11. Not yet unfortunately, but it is on the roadmap
  12. What's happening? I've just tested it and it's working fine for me. Feel free to pm me your order number if you want a refund, or assistance on how to use the script
  13. There's not currently unfortunately but it's definitely top of my list for future plans
  14. On the Item screen there's a Remove button below the Add button - it's not the most intuitive placement though I must admit. Select the item and then click remove
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