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  1. Unfortunately not yet - I've been busy. I can drop you a message when I do it if you'd like?
  2. Released version 1.0.10 Changes: [Feature] Added a few more banks. If there's any banks you want to use that aren't supported, let me know [Feature] Made the buying/selling process more efficient
  3. I'll look into it during the week - I didn't add it initially as the testers didn't have any reason for it, but I can add it
  4. Yes, every script on Tribot supports looking glass
  5. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/82898-tribot-release-1120/?do=findComment&comment=992335
  6. What do you mean? It should always pick the closest bank to the character - any example of the "quirks" so I can investigate?
  7. Do you mind pm'ing me screenshots of your GUI?
  8. If you just minimise the client, it'll disable graphics and reduce the usage the same way minmizing to the system tray did
  9. Thanks for the offer but at this point the actual combat portion is mostly done, just some tweaks here and there to make things more efficent (Or if different areas require different things). Mostly what I need to add is just more content, which is fairly trivial for me to do so long as daxwalker covers the area
  10. Oh, you mean that you can't see it. Okay, I'm looking at improving the paint anyway so I can click a toggle to display it. Under the general settings you can adjust the mouse speed. Alternatively, you can enable "touchscreen mode" in the tribot 11 settings which will cause your mouse to hop to locations.
  11. OSRS does have a memory leak if you have sound on in game, try turning that off? What memory are you running the clients with?
  12. Hi mate, thanks for the report. I've updated the script to ignore those worlds as an immediate measure (And naturally PVP worlds are already excluded by default!).
  13. Delete your .tribot folder in %appdata%
  14. I like that the first one was positive feedback
  15. Not at the moment sorry What do you mean by 1.? You can't press the stop button on the script? Or it doesn't stop? For 2., the paint is purely visual - it won't stop anything from happening
  16. That's reasonably true. Tribot will have some built-in background antiban unless you explicitly disable it though
  17. That's pretty much what I'm looking at other than the al kharid warriors, I figured they hit harder and as we're getting our own food it's not as great. I added cows, goblins, minotaurs, giant rats and some more spots. I also added some simple (Iron-man safe!) looting (Mainly of feathers) but need to improve it (Eating in order to loot ect). I've also removed the GE usage from the script temporarily - I can re-enable it whenever, but for now if the script requires an item that it can't get it'll just stop - looking to make this more "ironman friendly"
  18. Hit the X at the top right and the script will start
  19. Depending on how long you ran it, sometimes you just get unlucky. The rotations change every 40 minutes and each time they change it'll take anywhere from 1-10 minutes (If you're unlucky) to get running properly again really.
  20. Fixed! Sorry about that Released version 1.0.5 Changes: [Bug] Script will now bank at the warriors guild
  21. You have to complete the fields where selected - for example if you've enabled Banking you have to fill in the "Bank when coins is less than x" and the "Withdraw between x and x coins" fields
  22. It'll choose the closest bank automatically - If you don't want it to teleport to somewhere, don't wear teleports. I can look at setting a bank in future, or calculating the closest "round trip" to bank and back to the shop but for now the system of closest bank is fine. That's a fair point, I'll resolve that. What do you mean there should be no need to choose money? It does bank when the backpack is full, but it'll also bank when you've run out of money. Released version 1.0.4 Changes: [Bug] Script will now bank before hopping worlds if the inventory is full
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