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  1. Could Waterfall dungeon be mapped, was unable to navigate to the left room (did not try other locations) for safe spotting Fire Giants. It is a very common Slayer task. (Tiles which I configured to go to): RSArea(RSTile(3324,9503,0), 6) Next, could the Kalphite cave be mapped, also very popular as a slayer task and canon area. (Tiles which I configured to go to): RSArea(RSTile(2569,9890,0), 2)
  2. No clue, haven't been using the script much lately. If no one else encounters it in the following weeks, i'd say it is a one time occurance
  3. Hi, Just ran into this... The bot got into some kind of loop for 3 hours (until I stopped it) and was auto afking and relogging constantly. Seems to be something with the path generation or something? Bot debug: Client debug:
  4. If I am not mistaken there is (or "was" a couple weeks ago) an option to upgrade the account to vip+ for the remainder of that moth (e.g. you only pay the additional fee to raise to vip+) on the purchase VIP page?
  5. @AlphaDog Can you add support for using ESCAPE instead of clicking on the X to close the bank, or just clicking on the furnace if within sight from the bank?
  6. That is an excellent question... I cannot recall But I asume it wasn't as it would be visible in the screenshot? Additionally it seems the food id is not working. I used 361 (Tuna) and it still buys lobster: [20:05:03] added 10 ( Lobster ) Argument used: ADD,CookAssistant,Doric,Ernest,Goblin,IMP,Ghost,Romeo,RuneMysteries,Sheep,WitchPotion,Xmark:Prayer,DontBuy,Food:361,MouseSpeed:142,
  7. Next bug Script was stuck when completed Knight's sword quest. Next quest was Restless Ghost (Ghost): Argument used (generated with the google sheet): ADD,CookAssistant,Doric,Ernest,Goblin,IMP,KnightSword,Ghost,Romeo,RuneMysteries,Sheep,VampireSlayer,WitchPotion,Xmark:Ranged,Food:361,MouseSpeed:142,
  8. Hi, completed 5 quest so far, flawlessly. Now on Knight's sword and in the middle of thing tried to world hop to a member's only world repeatedly... Had to intervene manually to continue the script (opening a door). Can you include an argument to indicate f2p or p2p?
  9. Thanks for the reply! Tried both methods, not working I assume it is a VM issue
  10. As stated, it depends on the machine's capacity. If you have 1gb of RAM, I am sure it you won't be able to run 5 games smoothly
  11. Hi! I was playing around with a VM as it is easier to manage multiple instances for me personally on my local machine (I do not use proxies, but use a vpn). But I can't get LG to work... On my local machine everything runs smooth, but on the VM it always says "looking for OSRS client" (you know the message). I have the same configuration as on my local machine. Is there a configuration property to be set on VM level or something? All suggestions are welcome! --------Specs of the VM: - Clean install with VMware Workstation 15 Player running Windows 7 Ultimate (also tested
  12. Okay thanks! More info (output of bot log):
  13. LG with OSBuddy running on Java JDK 8u251. I have the 64bit one as I am running on 64bit... duh... Also running .jar files for osbuddy and tribot. If you follow the official guide it should work. Make sure there is only one version of java jdk installed of course...
  14. @Optimus Works like a charm! Thank you very much for the fast and good adaptions to the script @elskitle @Optimus Just had a problem of that sort! So I can contribute to the bug search. Seems to be that when you say for instance bring following items "Mithril scimitar, Adamant scimitar,..." and in the process of leveling you have a task to equip the mithril scimitar (e.g. at lvl 20 attack). Then the following happens when you go to the bank (inventory full, out of food,... or whatever reason): 1. Deposit whole inventory 2. Searches bank for the items listed as "To bring" 3. ER
  15. Great script! Unfortunately one bug to report... Running it for a couple of hours with smelting bronze/iron/steel bars. I noticed when smelting bronze & steel bars there was a major bug when the last ore was smelted. When you start out with uneven ores, meaning one of the 2 kinds of ores needed has more of it in the bank, (there are leftovers while the other is depleted)... The script always tries to withdraw as much ores as possible for the equation (bronze: tin 14, copper 14; steel: iron: 9, coal 18 (but 19 get withdrawn ==> withdraw all as it gets withdrawn after iron where X amoun
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