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  1. So I've been going through it with the client this week, first my LG stopped working out of the blue, and now I can't even login to the client. I'm using the same credentials as the forums. Tried logging with my username or email. Tried to reset my password, still won't let me in the client. I can still log in on the forums just fine. https://gyazo.com/8668ae99aa67eb4b9bd1ac5d43a74635 https://gyazo.com/1d2af5c5448b144a3f1e4a4aeafd4e04 Appreciate any help!!
  2. Nevermind I found the fix: The bot only works if you have all the runes needed for the tele in your inventory, staff + laws dont work
  3. I don't understand this script... I finally got the bot to use the seers teleport instead of running by playing with the options, but now I can't get it to use the teleport anymore....I have the option enabled in the teleportation method, yet it continues to run to the course. https://gyazo.com/8627b8bc4972d41c128f05e7e210fa2d https://gyazo.com/7bafc87cb67ea3c860b3da38216a492b Appreciate any help, cheers
  4. Hello Einstein, Would it be possible to please add the prifddinas teak tree location? I wanna chop teaks there and collect crystal shards in my inventory. Cheers
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