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  1. UPDATE DRILL DEMON!? My bots continuously lag out because of this. Mime is also screwed, doesn't even select anything now. Mr Mordaut is also screwed over as is Freaky Forrester and Pinball...since the last update (1.55) Tribot has got worse!! Please solve this ASAP!
  2. Mime! Please solve the mime! Drill Sergeant seriously needs updating :/
  3. It's not 50% anymore. Read the first post it says that you enter what health you want to eat at. For example eat at 5hp you'd enter 5 in the box!
  4. I have over 250k flax. Is this going to be reliable seeing as you state it's "flawless"
  5. Desperately need a drill demon random sorted! There has got to be a way to solve it =/ Pillory is also broke.
  6. Prison pets is the one now that screws my bots. I don't know how to view ID's and I don't know how far along the anti-random is for this but a good 25% of my bots get stuck here.
  7. Ok sounds good! One slightly off topic comment, what's the best way to reach 44 RC? It's one of few skills I've looked into so far.
  8. What are the requirements for this? (Level wise) I'm new to runecrafting so where does this script start?
  9. Awesome so far. However I've noticed it often gets stuck at gates. Especially the one before Ice Wolf mountain. ALWAYS gets stuck there. Perhaps add an open gate function? Other than that its perfect!
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