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  1. I posted around a week or two ago about one of my accs getting banned, and then perm'd a few days after. I've continued testing this bot with ardy knight pickpocketing and have been doing 10 hour sessions overnight while I sleep for about a week now and haven't gotten caught (yet). The two times I was banned was when I was blackjacking. I'm not sure if the blackjacking is more detectable or if it was because it's easier to spot and report compared to the 100s of players pickpocketing ardy knight. I'd post proggies but I've been very lazy to save them, but I've gotten 30mil thieving xp in the l
  2. perm'd after blackjacking for a few hours. Ardy knight pickpocketing seemed fine, was able to have it going for several 5 hour periods. Blackjacking for 3 hours seemed to get picked up though, most likely because it's easier to get reported for since it's just you where with pickpocketing there's usually several dozen players stacked.
  3. Got 2 day ban using blackjacking script on/off in 2-5 hour chunks for about 2 days. I tried one other free pickpocketing script before this one so results aren't conclusive but figured I'd throw in a heads up just incase.
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