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  1. This script is no longer supported, and I do not recommend using it as I believe many parts should be broken due to game updates. I am currently rewriting an updated version of this script, hoping to release a beta in a month from now.
  2. Oops sorry about that, my description is a bit unclear. Thanks, sounds like a good plan
  3. Hello guys I have some free time coming up in a few weeks and I plan to work on some scripts. There are currently two ideas I am focused on. - Sudoku script which makes approximately 200k/hr with low requirements. (Rogue Trader) https://streamable.com/xhus9d (Not sped up) https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Rogue_Trader - Bank skilling script, the aim is to support every skilling activity that can be done at a bank. (This will take a lot longer) Also feel free to request any complex scripts.
  4. Tribot Version: 0.41 Bug description: Attempting to use the (Widgets) scrollTo method for the flex emote. I tried moving my mouse into the scroll area manually and nothing happens. Also tried scrolling to the flex emote and the scrollTo method doesn't end. Gets stuck on the line of code with the scrollTo method and nothing gets printed. Code Used:
  5. The current Chatscreen method timeout seems to be around 30 seconds. A way to customize this timeout would be nice since some quest chats require more than 30 seconds.
  6. Version: 12.1.13 Description: Sdk version of Inventory.drop method consistently right click drops the first item, then shift click drops the rest of the items. Suggestion: Shift click drop all items. Code: List<InventoryItem> junks = getJunks(); Inventory.drop(junks); Short Video: https://streamable.com/lq4a0m
  7. Thanks for the explanation, that makes things more clear now. I initially thought the equipment slots were empty by default, which was why I thought it was a bug.
  8. I want it as an InvItem but it doesn’t check the equipment before returning the insufficient error
  9. Tribot Version: 0.37 Description of bug: When trying to set an inventory item, for example 1 Iron arrow, bank task does not check if the item is equipped before returning the InsufficientItemError when there is not enough in the bank or inventory. Conditions: Iron arrow is equipped, No Iron Arrows in the bank/inventory, Iron arrow is set as an inventory item in bank task. How to reproduce bug: Have Item equipped, none in the inventory/bank. Code Used: Optional<BankTaskError> error = BankTask.builder().addInvItem(ItemID.IRON_ARROW, Amount.of(1)).b
  10. TRiBot Version: SDK 0.30 Description of the bug (be specific): 1. When trying to buy items, the method clicks the three dots to attempt to set the quantity, but doesn't type any quantity. Idles a little bit then method ends. 2. GrandExchange.abort seems to be missing from the 0.30 jar How to reproduce the bug: Code Used: CreateOfferConfig offer = CreateOfferConfig.builder() .itemId(ItemID.VIAL_OF_WATER) .quantity(11) .type(Type.BUY)
  11. Open Source Scripts Herblore https://community.tribot.org/topic/83985-cleanherblore/ (GUI) https://github.com/WintonTri/Scripter/tree/main/scripter_app/herblore Crafting https://community.tribot.org/topic/83973-gem-crafter/ https://github.com/WintonTri/Scripter/tree/main/scripter_app/crafter Agility https://community.tribot.org/topic/83786-wintons-rooftop-agility/ https://github.com/WintonTri/Scripter/tree/main/scripter_app/agility Short biography / Coding Experience Before joining TRi
  12. Winton


    Rub the herbs with
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    Supported Herbs OSRS wiki table Herblore Herb GE Price Profit GP/XP Level Exp Grimy Clean 3 2.5 Guam leaf 21 39 18 7.2 5 3.8 Marrentill 20 35 15 3.95 11 5.0 Tarromin 111 130 19
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