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  1. Impressive script and GUI!
  2. Winton

    Gem Crafter

    Thanks Jamie, will get on working with the members check! Script Updated to V1.3 - Added members checks - Added deselecting to prevent a forever script lock up (Thanks to EasyAsPie for letting me know)
  3. Winton

    Gem Crafter

    Thank you :D, I might have an herblore script coming up after this
  4. Winton

    Gem Crafter

    Supported Gems OSRS wiki table Gem Crafting GE Price Members Level Exp Uncut opal 1 12 200 Uncut jade 13 20 136 Uncut red topaz 16 25 1,467 Uncut sapphire 20 50 324
  5. Description Have a setter method for Tribot's login bot where we can set/override the login details. Usage When using scripts such as nDispatcher to provide login details, the login bot will default to the login details provided from launching using CLI. Overriding these details will allow Tribot's login bot to use the details provided by nDispatcher instead.
  6. TRiBot Version: 12.1.1 Description of the bug (be specific): Bot does not select "Noted" bank setting for noted items with BankTask. Withdraws the items unnoted, then deposits the item. How to reproduce the bug: Set a noted item for bank task. Active Script (if applicable): N/A Client Debug: N/A Bot Debug: N/A Screenshots: N/A 1. For the open bank method, the bot tries to open chests that are not bank chests, for example, the one next to the slayer master, Spria in Draynor Village. 2. Noted items are not being noted for bank task. 3. Options.setResizableModeEnabled(false) is
  7. Examples: // Objects Clickable tree = Arrays.stream(Objects.findNearest(15, "Tree")).findFirst().orElse(null); new WintonClick(tree, "Chop").execute(); // Npcs Clickable chicken = Arrays.stream(NPCs.findNearest("Chicken")).findFirst().orElse(null); new WintonClick(chicken, "Attack").execute(); // Ground Items Clickable coins = Arrays.stream(GroundItems.findNearest("Coins")).findFirst().orElse(null); new WintonClick(coins, "Take").execute(); // Inventory Clickable potato = Arrays.stream(Inventory.find("Potato")).findFirst().orElse(null); new WintonClick(potato, "Eat").execute();
  8. Thanks for the update!
  9. I'm interested in the local screenshot uploads too
  10. Thanks for letting me know, by any chance do you have a screenshot of where the character is being stuck?
  11. Hey, sorry for the late reply, but I will be rewriting the script once I have time as the current version very outdated.
  12. Status: Working on monsters where slayer items are required. Paused due to school work. No ETA on completion, will be working on this script during my spare time. I will first start off by adding the weakest monsters for each monster, then add alternatives. Slayer Masters Turael - No requirements Spria - Quest completion [A porcine of interest] Monsters Banshees Bats Birds Bears Cave bugs Cave crawlers Cave slime Cows Crawling Hands Dogs Dwarves
  13. Activate the script here: https://repo.tribot.org/script/id/3849-winton-s-rooftop-agility/ Supported Courses Gnome stronghold [Agility Lv1] Draynor village [Agility Lv10] Al kharid [Agility Lv20] Varrock [Agility Lv30] Canifis [Agility Lv40 & Priest in Peril Quest] Falador [Agility Lv50] Seers' Village [Agility Lv60] Pollniveach [Agility Lv70] Rellekka [Agility Lv80]
  14. Currently leveling and questing will be bumped up once it reaches a certain amount of time, when the bot is about to reach the 20 hour playtime mark. Does ~45 minutes of wheat picking sound better?
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