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  1. ExNightmareZone 1.714 Runtime: 00:01:25 Status: Setting world.. to our current world which is How do I get it to set the world?
  2. I recommend purchasing a power leveling service since you care about that account.
  3. I wouldn't recommend any Vps or proxy service that advertises towards runescape. More than likely their ip is already flagged.
  4. BigPapaNinja

    PC Ban

    Don't bot anything you are not willing to lose.
  5. I'm confused as to why people would pay you to bot their account?
  6. I would say train combat at hill giants and loot limproots and gems with tri hill giant fighter.
  7. I just want a headcount to see how many people actually bot on their main account.
  8. Perhaps a script that kills druids in edgeville.
  9. Do you have any videos on how to run the logic system? I am trying to make the script run at hill giants.
  10. I have a question about the hosting part of this script. Are you able to host it to anyone who trades you or do you have to specify in the GUI?
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