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  1. I cant buy lan thiever with 4 credits in the new bot shop ? why @TRiLeZ @YoHoJo
  2. @TRiLeZ always the same they could test the updates on test servers first time is money do not cause inconvenience
  3. https://tribot.org/forums/settings/login/?service=11 configure your auth unistall the client with iobit unistaller then reinstall the client. use your associate email to login
  4. @Depronic @Reltubx @HE LLo
  5. @Todd @Encoded Solved Unistall with iobit unistaller and reinstall
  6. same error @Encoded
  7. same problem i cant login atm
  8. for me first time work and now dont work. the admins cant test the update in test server first please?.. ....
  9. log with the email and same password first go to and follow the steps
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