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  1. I've followed the steps in this guide multiple times, and I'm still unable to open the .jar file to download Tribot. I receive this error: Any help? Bought VIP-E and can't get this goin.
  2. Any help please? I purchased VIP-E. I've deleted and redownloaded Java, restarted computer, etc. multiple times. Still unable to open the .jar.
  3. Hey, I've used TriBot on a mac in the past, but i'm having trouble getting started now. When I attempt to open the .jar file to download TriBot I get this error message: I've downloaded the latest Java JDK (version 8; update 251). I've deleted and redownloaded the TriBot .jar. I've restarted my Mac. Any help would be really appreciated, and I will gladly give more info if needed!
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