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  1. I just bought multiple scripts and all but Lan thiever is showing up in my repo? Anyone know a solution? I have over 50 instances of other scripts, first time seeing this issue.
  2. Is there an option to change mouse speed on new client? can't find it
  3. Hey I'm building a new pc for botting mainly. Can't decide between an i9900k vs a ryzen 9 3900x.Just wondering which will get me more bots running, if anyone uses one or both of these chips, please post how many bots you're running or any overall advice in regard to processors, It would be much appreciated
  4. It fixed for me now, try using the previous tribot version
  5. Problem fixed now :D, Thanks fluffee for fast response!
  6. Same issue, multiple people are having it after the most recent update. was working fine before that if anyone finds solution post please
  7. same, stopped working on update, anyone found a fix?
  8. Extremely simple and clean ui. Well done, can't wait to use it!
  9. Hey the bot breaks for me during merlins crystal when looking for lancelot, just repeats failed to load a walk path 3 times. could you take a look?
  10. thanks for this lol, I didnt want to uninstall java but w/e
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