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  1. notsmile

    GUI Help!

    Yeah, I made this a bit ago using JFormDesigner: all that was around 400-ish lines of code lol definitely would've been stupid annoying to make by hand.
  2. notsmile

    GUI Help!

    I actually found out about jformdesigner, thanks for the advice tho! :)
  3. notsmile

    GUI Help!

    So I wanted to make a GUI for my Runecrafter and use TitledBorders instead of using tabs since it looks nicer imo. I can't seem to get the TitledBorder to appear fully (I think that's the problem anyway) properly in the GUI. It looks like this: Here is the code for it: JPanel runesPanel = new JPanel(); runesPanel.setBackground(Color.DARK_GRAY); TitledBorder runesBorder = BorderFactory.createTitledBorder("Runes"); runesBorder.setTitleColor(Color.lightGray); runesBorder.setTitleJustification(TitledBorder.LEFT); runesPan
  4. Hey not sure if it's just me or something but the Github page says not found. Could you re-link it please? Thanks! :)
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