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  1. The script prioritizes Elemental shield over a Dragonfire shield when killing Skeletal Wyverns. Which is kinda xp waste. Also, when the script is banking, if there is a prayer potion (1) / (2) or (3) (or any other potion with less than four doses, like super combat potion 1/2/3) the script will only bring ONE potion to task because it will "Withdraw X" on the bank slot with lower doses and not make up for it withdrawing more potions with higher dosage. I have worked around this until now by starting the script with "used potions" in inventory. But this logic should really be implemented in the script. As sometimes the script banks used prayer potions and will bring only one prayer potion to the next task. Which leads to it only lasting a few minutes on task before having to restock inventory. Which agian results in a un-humanlike cycle and xp waste And also, when picking teleport jewelry from bank, could you implement logic to pick USED jewelry before using new? All though Teleports needed >= jewelry charge. Example: Lets say I have 10x Ring of Wealth (5) in the bank. I have 1x Ring of Wealth (2) in the bank. Script will use Ring of Wealth (2) before using new ring. Example: I have 10x Slayer ring (8) in the bank. I have 1x Slayer ring (5) in the bank. Script will use Slayer ring (5) before using new ring. Example: I have 10x Slayer ring (8) in the bank. I have 1x Slayer ring (1) in the bank. Script will use Slayer ring (8) BEACUSE, two teleports are needed for this task, one to assigned npc, one to Nieve after task is completed. Example: I have 10x Slayer ring (8) in the bank. I have 1x Slayer ring (7) in the bank. I have 2x Slayer ring (5) in the bank. Script will use Slayer ring (5). Agian, awesome script. And I hope you don't mind all the feedback Making this script peanut butter jelly
  2. @illuminea PLEASE put your debug inside spoiler tags like this: [SPOILER] YOUR DEBUG HERE [/SPOILER]
  3. Currently gets stuck trying to navigate to Ice Trolls (Fremennik Isles complete, Slayer task is Trolls). Navigating via Fairy ring -> Miscellania port -> ??? Client Log:
  4. The script does weird mouse movements when typing to chat in-game
  5. Hi, Is there any chance you can implement a better overview of profiles in the GUI? Maybe a dropdown list, whatever. Maybe, even better could be armor presets that you can link to tasks for better xp/hour. Swapping between ranged/melee str/melee prayer etc. Also, does the script support herb box / rune pouch / bonecrusher?
  6. I have been testing this script out for a little while now and can still vouch that it is a worth premium. So far I have botted ~1.5 million experience in about three weeks. I thought it would be a good idea to share some media. This is me still chilling comfortably in my insane gaming chair after a 4 hour session, and 100 tasks completed in total with this script. Instant 300 slayer points. 84k slayer xp, ~20k/hour. Unfortunately no better profit, but that is me using a Dwarf cannon.
  7. The script keeps spam clicking 'Esc' key when option 'Use Escape key to close interfaces' under the Advanced tab is enabled.
  8. Idk, I don't think I disconnected tbh. I use tentacle/zammy hasta/ranged, depends on task. It happens agian. And this is a greater demon task, which for sure isn't a $$$ one. Expenditure looks correct, but no 2.4m drop for me. For this specific task I use zammy hasta. Looted things are: just below 100 chaos runes, some death runes, some mith kiteshields, rune helm, addy platelegs and 3x demon heads.
  9. Yeah, that's why I think it could be a good idea to see a list (logfile, debug message) of "valuable" drops obtained. I'm getting reports of 2m/hour profits, and that is great, but I can't seem to find anything of substantial value in bank to make up for it, hehe. So media also ^
  10. Okay. The reason why I was asking is that the calculations and already earned profits that I receive seems a bit off, but it's ok. all good.
  11. Is it possible to get a logging function on the loot, the script picks up from the ground? possibly to .csv (etc.) in .tribot folder?
  12. How can I access the debug? Script stops after checking bank atm
  13. Maybe a small round of quality control on some of the free scripts in the repository could be an idea along side this great revamp? Some of 'em last updated in 2016/2017.
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