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  1. I didn't mean simple colour changes, as if it's basic like that then Jagex could say add a single green pixel to a wall and then bots start thinking the wall = tree. I meant something like OpenCV - have it detect a whole oak ( iit's basically just take screenshot - find oak in it. Then Jagex would have to spawn a whole oak to trick bots.
  2. Have botters looked at computer vision? For something like chopping oaks say, you would just need to use a walker to get to the place - and then detect the oak and click it somewhere. Jagex could spawn random invisible oaks with the same id but it wouldn't be clicked as they wouldn't be seen.
  3. Does RS report the mac address of the machine? I want to start creating scripts - but I play on this machine too legitimately, so wouldn't want them to flag my main.
  4. I have just purchased 5 proxys from proxyall and I'm trying to set them up so I can use them with TriBot. The account creator script was failing, so I tried to add a proxy in firefox ( via foxyproxy ) and I'm unable to view google so I assume setup is the issue. I have added my ip as the auth ip ( I'm actually going via my vpn too so added that ip ). Added the details in foxyproxy ( ip, port, user, pass and type as being Socks5 ) Enabled it - and visit google.com but it just times out.
  5. digitest


    It looks like I'm not getting a NullPointerException at scripts.TUT.TUT.passArguments(Tut.java:81)
  6. digitest


    How did you guys get on? I'm having the same issue. If I start a new account it has issues clicking the first npc constantly, if I start an account that is mid way through then it clicks randomly around to walk places. Is the script limited to only starting from the beginning? or should it be able to pick up midway through also?
  7. digitest


    Do I have to set my client up in a specific way for this script? I noticed after the latest update it just clicks the first guy over and over ( so I help it by going through the first set of questions and then it recovers and clicks options etc ), but then gets stuck again looking where to go and seems to right click randomly around the place. One client managed to get to the fishing part but then gets stuck soon after, again just clicking the npc over and over.
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