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  1. But my main with all the cash and stuff is safe, that's the only reason I don't think its that
  2. Hmm thanks for the RAT removel, done all 3 and don't seem to see anything, so hopefully nothing of that sort. Gonno wait it out till they fix up
  3. Ok so I created an acc like an hour ago, everything set up, give it a bond, get membs, log out, try log in and invalid pass. Can't even try recover cause RS is down. Now I just created another account, did the same thing, gave it cash for membs, get membs, log out and boom wrong password? Like wtf
  4. You best hurry the fuck up and do it if you haven't already
  5. https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/28450-spiker-rune-runner-up-to-3mhrmost-runes31-hoursflawless/
  6. Spin3x

    Mort Myre fungi

    Whatever price he's selling at, I'll sell 1 gp cheaper, HMU
  7. Spin3x

    Buying bond

    add erminux0707
  8. Go to a fishing thread and look at a proggy. Your problems solved Go to a WCing thread and look at a proggy. All your problems solved
  9. No one will tell you, I don't know how people like you just come here with 1 post and expect people to tell you that
  10. I'll sell you 100m, send me cash, wait 2 months and then I'll give you the mills ??
  11. Lost city, natures spirit, fairy tales p1 Ordering
  12. Nop, flagged IP's are bullshit 3 months ago, I was botting FOUR accs on the same home IP, all 4 got goldfarming ban, now I'm botting on the same IP, 24/7 4 days straight, no ban. (I can provide pic)
  13. only way to make accs last like a day longer is to have each account an a different ip (proxy) u can just do these on a lvl 3, so no need to buy anything lol
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