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  1. Amazing work here @JustJ Hope this is still in your sights. let me know If I can help you. Few things you may want to know - Tries to use the bank just southwest of GE that cannot be accessed without pre-reqs. - Seems to have some issues with the chickens and ends. - On fresh accounts off tutorial island, it cannot get past bank tutorial. It gets stuck and ends. - Cannot complete first Death tutorial. If you need, I can gather photos or errors for you. Hope all is well!
  2. @ELONany chance you have changed your mind about supporting arguments? Just to auto load and start the script. Thanks
  3. Thanks for adding the poison fails safes Ark! In regards to the death intro, I would disregard that for now unless other players report on it. At the time I experienced it, it just kept rotating the camera trying to calculate a path instead of talking to death. I scripted my own solution for this but if other players report on it, maybe this info can help. I have another question regarding the dwarf cannon placement during tasks. I attached a screenshot that shows an invalid placement, however it attempted several times (bot like) until I manually stopped the script. What do you advi
  4. First of all, you have an amazing script. Thank you so much. I have 2 questions and 2 suggestions. Suggestion 1: On tasks that involve poison, the script should teleport when it detects no more anti-poison doses in inventory. Because the bot has died a few times thinking it can continue because it has food. After the food runs out, the bot teleports on low health and is currently poisoned. By the time it makes it to the bank, it dies or better yet, it doesn't have any more anti-poison in the bank and has to go buy more. Suggestion 2: The script was unable to support death walk
  5. cannedsplam


    Dentist- First off I want to thank you for an amazing script! For a new boter like myself, I am facing many challenges and learning curves and your script has made it easy in regards to completing tutorial island for my new accounts! I hope you continue to work on it based on peer feedback and it seems you are willing by looking back in this thread. I would like to inform you of an issue I'm having at the rat area. It seems after the rat is killed via melee, the bot runs back to the guide but is unable to find him. This would normally start the ranged tutorial. I haven't taken a pi
  6. Do these scripts actualy register/create accounts and run them through tutorial island? Im new to botting and it seems thats the hardest part so far. Ive tried VPN's free proxies, paid proxies, and even private proxies...Looks like having to unblock each account is the only way foward from here... If this script does that, consider me a fan/supporter from here on out! Thanks
  7. Fluffee's Tutorial No longer functions after a patch and it seems (s)he hasn't adjusted yet to make it work again. Somebody did post the solution within the script thread however I personally dont know how to access the code to change it myself. For others to follow this guide, maybe somebody can explain how to fix the script and run it locally? Would be amazing! Be a hero! Thanks
  8. Having some trouble with the coal bag script. It will just randomly stop in the MLM and idle until log out. Not sure what the problem is. Also, can you recommend best practice on this to not get banned?
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