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  1. Looking glass doesn't work for me either, I think when I got VIP e it said looking glass temporarily disabled so I think it's being worked on *edit, I just double checked and that was the remote viewing thats temporarily disabled, Not sure with looking glass trying to open it now and it just says looking for runescape client
  2. @flamekiller999 Thanks that's perfect, I'm gonna grab some proxies from there to play around with and give the cannonballs a go, I might try blast furnace on one but I don't want an account turnover where i'm making new accounts/buying new proxies most days like the cowhides on proxy6 lol and i'm interested to try a few of the other things you mentioned when I've got a few running successfully. Thanks a lot
  3. Hey thanks for replying Ahh ok I see your point there with the 18k and 20k users haha, I have been using separate private proxies for each account but that was with proxy6 and they were indeed in f2p. My original plan to try first was bot hides with the script worthy cow script till I can take green dragons while tanning and selling the hides in the meantime and then buy the green dragon script for each account but that was a f2p plan which isn't working out too great lol. Which proxy provider would you recommend? Which scripts/methods (including premium) would you recommend if
  4. Hey all, So I am trying to slowly build a succesful goldfarm, i've just got vip e and i've been playing around a bit trying to find what will and won't get me banned, I created 2 bots a few days ago and 1 was banned yesterday after running cow killer by scripts worthy, I think i tried and failed to use a tutorial bot aswell and i did do romeo n juliet, cooks assistant and goblin diplomacy on that account. I created another 3 yesterday, 2 of which at night and ran 2 of em for a couple hours on the trichicken killer and then the cow script by scripts worthy before shutting off and woke
  5. Hi, When I open an advanced osrs client (so I can use a proxy which I am selecting at the beginning too if that makes any difference) and start a script it runs for about 5 seconds before freezing and coming up "OpenJDK Platform binary has stopped working". My computer runs multiple instances of old school completely fine with the official osrs client and with runemate so it can't be hardware related. I will try further to resolve myself while I wait for a response and update you if I have any luck. *edit I had it working for a bit and then the above m
  6. Hey all I was just wanting to ask, I know you need vipe to use proxy through tribots inbuilt proxy option but as much as its a bit more inconvenient, if I were to right click and open it with proxifier (it gives me the option to click which proxy rule im opening with) would that do the job or would the tribot application block me from using my own proxifier because i've not paid for the inbuilt one? Thanks
  7. Problem solved, please delete
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