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  1. Nevedmind I will get this script in a slayer level when I get trident
  2. I literally run this like 10 hours a day and I'm fine. Might be something else you're doing.
  3. Hey, it's saying that "The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Cannot run script." I am trying to run my Universal Shopper script. I just purchased it. I have also restarted my pc.
  4. Messing up on blackjacking when it is set to buy wines when out. Just spam clicking the empty wine it's supposed to sell. Not doing the transaction. Also while pickpocketing master farmer and using food, when it comes time to restock the food, the bot is closing out of the bank after right clicking the food, caught in an endless loop. Script needs some tlc so say the least.
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