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  1. Since the update my LG is not detecting my OSBuddy anymore?
  2. I don't think I can, I have closed it since then so can't provide it sadly. Will see if it does it again next time and post it if I see it happen again
  3. So it was cannoning Abberant spectre's and I saw it didn't pick up the clue scroll so I forced it to pick it up by taking over and picking it up quickly, once I picked it up it dropped it again after a couple seconds.
  4. I'm using the recommended loot option, my inventory was not full and I did have some food left.
  5. The script just left a hard clue scroll on the ground when I ran it, and when I manually picked it up it dropped it again?
  6. Hello, my bot is getting stuck in a loop. Current task is black demons. It just keeps banking stuff over and over again. The console gives the error: "[Banking] We do not have a method of getting to our task, will bank"; Even tho I have Fairy rings unlocked. Kind regards
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