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  1. If anyone has any complaints, suggestions or want just to talk then please join my discord server; i'll be more than happy to answer your questions! https://discord.gg/Y5vKWZJv Hello everyone; As you all know many of the free scripts have been broken the past few days. This is due to the JDK change, i'm glad to announce that I have updated my woodcutter and is available once again. Thank you, Polymorphic.
  2. TRiBot will always be the best, no matter what.
  3. Version 1.06 (07/21/2021) Hello everyone! Welcome to patch v1.06 Firstly, I apologize for the delay in releasing patch v1.06. I've been busy with college and i've been working extremely hard. Specifically working on research and development to provide you with the highest- quality scripts to offer. The Improvements: 1) The Fatigue System Has been overhauled, each player has a random subset containing multiples for generating player reaction times. Each increment is always different, based on time and the ABC2 count of actions. This will only become more e
  4. Thank you for the feedback! All adjustments were made (let me know if incorrect again)
  5. Polymorphism is the capability of a single object to take on many forms. This means we can use identical methods across different objects, utilizing different implementations. "Arguably one of the most important aspects of object-oriented programming." How does a node have no behaviour? All classes have fields and behaviours. Also inheritance isn't brittle.
  6. Polymorphic - Lambdas and Streams Tutorial The way you think about Java programming is about to change forever. Before Java SE 8, Java supported three types of programming; procedural programming, object-oriented programming and generic programming. Java SE 8 added a fourth type of programming, functional programming, lambdas and streams are critical technologies behind functional programming. Why are lambdas and streams important? 1) Functional programming techniques allow you to write higher-level code, because most of the details are implemented for you by Java. Your code be
  7. Hey breaker, good job, don't give up on your script. thats an order.
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