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  1. - Added paint to script. - Fixed combat loop. - Fixed script settings to properly serialize/de-serialize. - Fixed bug in firemaking behavior. - Fixed prayer behavior bug that would cause too many failures in rare instance. - Fixed another firemaking bug, now it won't go back to the previous lane, and start a fresh lane. - Added scriptControl decorator to firemaking behavior.
  2. - Added special case if agent is wielding torch and has special axe inside inventory sequence: swap to axe -> click special attack -> swap to bruma torch - Change wintertodt bruma torch to use inside inventory instead of tinderbox if the player has one. (DONE) - Change settings when loading, don't start right away, let user tweak settings first. (DONE) - Fixed random crashing bugs (DONE) - Removed the choice to not counter the attacks. Agent will automatically counter all attacks. - Fixed bug where the agent would start with bank open and crash. - Added new me
  3. Will be adding more information on why it ends. Sorry for late response, i'm more active on discord (tribot official channel) - Fixed startup bug causing indefinite failure. - Improved leak hole interaction, will get more points much faster, by clicking the surrounding leaks (left, middle, right). - Improved rail fixing interaction, will get more rails fixed now.
  4. Sulliuscep Chopper is now free for a limited time, to attract more users to try out the script and other premium scripts.
  5. Hello Tribot Botters, I am Polymorphic, the premium scripter here to announce the release of the remastered and reimagined Fishing Trawler script. This new version of the script has been built using the superior behavior tree framework, making it more efficient, reliable, and user-friendly. The new framework allows for a more intuitive and dynamic approach to botting, making it easier for users to customize and tweak the script to their specific needs. The behavior tree also allows for a more efficient and streamlined flow of actions, resulting in a much faster and smoother e
  6. Sulliuscep Chopper - Developed by Polymorphic, have a nice trip. ACTIVATE FREE HERE NOW! Sulliuscep Introduction: Sulliusceps are a type of mushroom found in the Tar Swamp on Fossil Island. Chopping sulliusceps requires level 65 in Woodcutting to chop, and grants the player 127 experience per yield. Players can receive mushrooms and mort myre fungus from chopping sulliusceps, and can also receive a sulliuscep cap at a rate of 1/100, which is used in creating mushroom pies. In addition, they also yield numulite and unidentified fossils fairly commonly, making chopping sul
  7. Coveted for its worthy design, and quality craftsmanship
  8. Cheers bro, hope u learn something new! fix-acc-guide-behavior -Fixed bug where the bank would not close to configure the other account settings after solving the new character bank screen. New death decorator node & Changes. -Solve new character death guide decorator node. -Removed all forms of graphical paint.
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