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  1. Are you able to add support for karams only as food(economical and cheap, rarelydie using script if ever so no point bringing expensive food) and super restores (counter productive to what i said previously but one sip perkill is pretty good compared to potentially needing a second sip from normal prayer pot). Also i found an issue if trying to add crystal bow as a gearset it doesnt "grab" an offhand but during ranged gear switch it'll still recommend whatever offhand you had for mage, while not an issue just annoying to see it flash aside from that the overlay is 10/10 gotten many uniques on ironman
  2. Yep didnt end up doing anything, did a system restore and everything, added you on discord @Fluffee
  3. Unfortunately caught me as I was hopping into bed, I'll add you on discord tomorrow after work :), maybe a good nights rest will fix it haha
  4. Still happening No proxy or vpn being used Nothing in client logger, This is bot logger + issue https://gyazo.com/ebff2a77edabf9a4bcd6d3c3b02722a8 (edited cause screenshot link broke)
  5. Whenever I open my client and then try and start a window to start a script it will just be on "Loading Client params" and nothing happens. I've deleted the tribot cache and hooks.dat etc. Opening the client in advanced and setting a specific world SEEMED To open the client fine but after that I couldnt activate/run any scripts. Javaversion jdk1.8.0_102
  6. Oh wow thanks alot, now I just gotta figure out how to fix my openosrs, (some weird graphical bug with settings area, happens in runelite too I need to run it as a batch file)
  7. Just tried it, what venom tick damage threshhold does it highlight health orb? Just tested then got up to 16 (mid fight) before I manually did it
  8. I'm not seeing it highlight health orb at all, sat there after a kill (had plenty of food to test) just to watch it tick, was getting hit for 20's before I teled. thanks for fast update with msb/food! (was running out of sharks and have 10000 anglers hahaha, replace them with mantas eventually as zulrah supplies me with more
  9. Hey just wondering on how hard/pricing of a script for nightmare of ashihama and demonic gorillas that is ONLY and overlay (like worthys zulrah helper). Features being basically when/what to pray. When to sip balm for ashihama
  10. Are you able to add msb i spec to special usage list please? Edit: When you have time/if you make a new release or update Edit 2: Also it doesnt seem to recognise Anglers (easy 22healing food for ironmen) or Normal antipoisons (No point using antidote/superantis just to clear venom)
  11. Ah cool cool, yeah I bought it last night, 15kills 4 deaths it's a nice script, now if only you had the time to make one for nightmare of ashihama (overlay only obviously) I'd be able to get my inquis gear on ironman haha thanks for perfect script!
  12. With the "cure venom" part of the script does it support antidotes/super antipoisons? Or cure me? Or is it strictly antivenom pot
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