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  1. lol i did the same thing bro i think its more our own fault for not reading through things throughly, i didnt bother attempt a refund tho as i dont see how its there fault.
  2. i bought 3 proxys and im only able to use one of them is this normal do i contact proxyfish or isit something im doing wrong?
  3. i purchased nmz edition and half the quests wont work mate? i have all required items and levels. i have ensured iv updated and repaired tribot im using windows 10? my slayer script works perfect
  4. hello guys this script doesnt seem to want to work it cant complete the quests it just stops when buying items i have all required levels and deleted hook.dat anjd .tribot folder and installeed correct java any idea on what to do?
  5. has anyone managed to get this to actually complete a quest it seems to always stop halfway through doing something. im on windows 10 and i have updated the correct java 8. deleted hook.dat and removed .tribot folder nothing seems to work yet my slayer script is working fine what should i do?
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