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  1. got banned today after using it for 13 days got from 60 str - 90 str great script but have to stop using it because dont want perm ban:P thnx again for the script collin it worked great
  2. hi bro i have a 10 hour proggy ad just came home to another 11 hour proggy so it would be 21 hours when i just came back i noticed it was behind a door with some stuff in my inventtory like gems and such would it be possible to drop gems/coins and other junk from randoms? becouse i am pretty sure it starts bugging when the inv is getting filled with them have seen this happening several times. notheless real nice script bro
  3. haha i just wanted to report that to you i had the bot up the whole night last night worked really well so far gj man
  4. its working awesome so far now m8 if i can il post a long proggy gj man
  5. aah website finaly worked i will try it out now tyvm i put in the new version but eating is not working hehe when i dl the new version from your link this still shows up when i start the script in tribot Ankous v0.03 by ItsCollin are you sure u updated the link?
  6. by the way the website wer u put ur downloads in is not really working all the time it is pretty slow and sometimes wont even download but what i have seen so far nice script tried 3 dif computers wont download from that website would suggest to use a dif website
  7. i started with lobsters wont eat them i got 88 hp i am waiting all the way down till 14 hp before i manualy eat its not working
  8. so far its not auto attacking the ankous ? was there a system update maybe and ids changed? nevermind reinstalled it works now tyvm my next problem is it is not eating the peaches eventough i got a 16 inv full of peaches. also it does pick up the bones but does not use the bones to peaches tab to make it. note: i got same items setup in inventry as the pictures you posted
  9. the auto responder is fucking retarded got 3 accs banned already tyvm
  10. awesome il try it out right away so far works without any mistakes nice script man good work
  11. thanks for the quick reply encoded i am not really sure what u mean by web walking and are you going to fix that (turning run while banking) soon ? maybe it is a nnice idea to use the ctrl+ click command for running?
  12. works nice xcpet the running clicker messes up banking and just makes it stuck in bank Version 1.00_1 - Fixed turning on run while bank screen is open ^^^this is not fixed i dled the script like 5 min ago did it 4 times already
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