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  1. Deactivated for now as since it has such high requirements I'd like to improve the quality of this. Worked fine as a private script but now that it's public it could be on the radar.
  2. @Girthy I took the script/thread down because I was keeping it for personal use so I don't have any proggies. I think it averages around 35k per hour RC and should be able to run consistently for as long as you want. I'd baby sit it for 5 mins at the start then check back every 15 mins until you have confidence. I didn't have to babysit it when I was using it.
  3. I've removed Falador Rooftop Course as it's prone to getting stuck Agil 54-60 (Canifis Rooftop) - 10 hr 30 min
  4. 1. Snippets 2. Tutorials N/A 3. Scripts https://github.com/sengineer-tribot - Contains all 3 repositories 4. Short Biography / Coding Experience Professional Software Engineer / Dev Ops Engineer w/ 6 years professional experience 5. Why do you feel you deserve to be Scripter? I don't like how this question is phrased haha. I'm not sure I deserve to be Scripter, but I would be interested in having the rank. To answer the question, I guess because I'm active in the discord, provided 3 open source scripts as per the requirement
  5. Agil 1-50 (Gnome Stronghold, Draynor Rooftop, Al Kharid Rooftop, Varrock Rooftop, Priest in Peril, Canifis Rooftop) - 11 hr 50 min
  6. SEngineer's F2P Firemaker Start at level 1 Firemaking. This script will burn regular logs at Lumbridge Castle. It will hop when there are no more logs. You can start the script anywhere. It has ABC2 implemented. It is recommended to zoom out before you start the script. Link to Repository: https://repo.tribot.org/script/id/3716
  7. @Nukem it's back up now - https://repo.tribot.org/script/id/3715
  8. Agil 1-40 (Gnome Stronghold, Draynor Rooftop, Al Kharid Rooftop, Varrock Rooftop) - 5 hr 30 min
  9. Agil 1-30 (Gnome Stronghold, Draynor Rooftop, Al Kharid Rooftop) - 2 hr 20 min
  10. Varrock bugs fixed Canifis bugs fixed Added world hop functionality if other players are on the course
  11. Gnome Stronghold bugs fixed Draynor Rooftop bugs fixed Al Kharid bugs fixed
  12. This is currently under test and being improved. Gnome Course added so you can start from level 1.
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