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  1. Heyy i have an issue, my spec weapon is not working. Im dharoking but i select dragon claws as spec weapon and it banks it (deposits it) when i have it in my inv. and when it isnt in my inv. it never gets it out. I also tried putting the item id instead of just dragon claws
  2. Bought this script about 2 weeks ago, only have 2 suggestions that could improve the experience and make it safer (less prone to banning) - Add a GE bank method (mine currently banks at varrock and then goes to GE when buying stuff) - This also takes one less inventory space. And another one is potions (sometimes it grabs potions (1) making it less effective) and could you please add divine ranging pot?
  3. Just bought this script andI also have problems with oak larder, i downloaded the Jar suggested to close all rs clients, didnt work. I only have planks, noted planks, hammer, saw and GP. It unnotes correctly but after entering the house it just says building oak larder and can stay like that forever (also tried reducing the ABC2 multiplier t 0.01)
  4. Yeah, as the settings open (where you choose which crabs and other extra settings) it instantly freezes
  5. Bought a premium script (nCrabKiller) about a week ago, it was working perfectly and because of the update it wont even start now. It is a currently supported premium script as it is sold on the new store, but it wont even start with the license i got. Is anyone else having this kind of problem?
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