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  1. Because people seem to ONLY post when they have an issue... almost 12 hours straight with no breaks at all at 155 mouse speed
  2. this seems like such a simple script to write... how is no one willing to do this?
  3. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/8416-free-pkbuddy-hit-predicter-free/ I run tribot on a mac. Every time i try to run the script above... right after i press start, i get asked for permission from 4 different addresses, i allow all of them to go through, and then right after the last one the script stops and my log reads: [08:04:31] Script Started: PkBuddy v1.5. [08:04:31] Disabled all randoms. [08:04:31] java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.tribot.api2007.Skills.getXP(Ljava/lang/String;)I [08:04:31] at scripts.PkBuddy.run(PkBuddy.java:67) [08:04:31] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [08
  4. OP, I suggest you put this up in the main post because this is why people get stuck with the bot not doing anything when it starts... THE WINDOW THAT POPS UP AND LISTS THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF FOODS IS A *MENU THAT YOU NEED TO SELECT AN OPTION FROM* I know that my friend and I both thought it was just a list of supported food by the bot.
  5. all im saying is that i decided to give you the benefit of the doubt over msorcgarden because he has prob a grand or two off his script, but i clearly made th wrong decision.
  6. This bot is not working at all and is going to be the reason i get a ban on my account. I want a refund. I've read every single response on this thread and to be honest it just seems like you dont give a shit. My computer specs are superb and so is my internet connection (100mb up/ 81mb down). I had the bot running for 5 hours straight and it had 47/21 sucess rate. When i looked at it, it was just standing in the second spot in the winter garden for who knows how long with the status "Antiban." You're "antiban" needs some adjusting because its going to do nothing but actually get me banned.
  7. could you PLEASE add an option to bury bones?
  8. could you add an option to bury bones as well as loot hides?
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