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  1. melissaMC


    quickly all removed them before accepting my 170M ingame, the amount of time you put into a 70 usd scam really makes me wonder, you really needed that money
  2. melissaMC


    love how you edit them all to avoid any possible dox, you sir are a very sad beta male
  3. can tribot 12 run on windows 7??
  4. when i try to download the JDK8 .. i need to make an account on the Oracle website, after trying to log in it says the website is experiencing issues.. for 3 days straight atm..
  5. abed do u have the same problem? i can't run any scripts... wtf
  6. thanks! yes this is what happens
  7. hi, i made a topic earlier already, im a paying user for months and no one seems to reply.. when i open my tribot and try to run a script it gives me an extra random box somewhere on my screen basicly a dupe of the top left tribot client .. who do i need to pay for some help lol
  8. same stuff here, although when i try to run a script it just gives me some lagged out little box at the top left with 'run' 'scripts' etc, when i click on the buttons it doesn't work
  9. i updated to the newest version of Tribot, when i click on scripts -> start script -> any of my scripts -> start script... nothing happens and/or sometimes 'this' comes up.. not a techy so i hope it's an easy fix , and yes my java is updated with the latest version hope someone can tell me what a noob i am, thanks in advance
  10. [ P ] paid request description: Hi, looking for a script that messages people on busy area's and preferable deletes them afterwards keeps tracks on the amount of people messaged. Payment amount: 20 Time: ASAP ( i see pureleafs has a script like this, but it's asking me for a password.. and i can't message him, hope someone can help me out! )
  11. purchased vip with paypal.. paid.. shows im not a vip?
  12. Hi, I am looking for an Auto-Add bot that adds people and msg them! hope to find it
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