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  1. Anyone have any tips? 85 thieving and maxing out at about 80k an hour. does this seem normal? theres a million settings so im not sure what im clicking wrong or right
  2. Been having issues with it filling inventory with earth talismans when doing lavas. it takes other items needed then takes all talismans and stops. was working a few days ago
  3. Accidently left ir running yesterday for 13 hours. still in highscores and still havent been banned. will keep ya updated. I have no intention of logging in for a couple days.
  4. it teles to fire altar then just stands there and moves the screen around. not sure what im doing wrong. If i click on the screen to help it out it does fine until it teles to altar again. **EDIT** I was in fixed mode and it didn't like it. seems to be fine in full screen
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