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  1. Insanely stable bot, thanks so much. Only using a dragon scimitar, so the exp isn't as good as it could be. Going for a 200 hour no-breaks run if they don't update the game and log me out before then.
  2. Incredibly stable bot, hoping to continue non-stop til 94. The random mouse afking is a great feature also. Thanks for the professional script design!
  3. Nvm, forgot I needed 2FA on there, mb.
  4. I just created a new account 20ish minutes ago, purchased a script, but I'm unable to log in to the client. It says invalid username/password, so I reset it through e-mail, but it didn't fix it. Typed it slowly, double checked everything.. Am I supposed to enter my username instead of my e-mail into the e-mail field for logging in? Thx.
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