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  1. Died on my lv 3 hcim after 2 games rip lol used cakes for food.. can i get a refund? script also was not banking crates, had the "loot crates" option enabled, but it just kept the crates in my invent without leaving the minigame after each round to bank. Made sure that I had the correct pin on my account settings.
  2. Can't log into the client to run anything. :( I reset my password dozens of times, and typed with an insane level of delicacy and precision.. Please help..
  3. Hi, when I double click to open the program, a blue robot loading interface appears and then disappears and then nothing happens after that. I'm running a PC on Win 10 64 bit, if that helps. Thanks in advance.
  4. Achieved 99 strength with a d scim and 99 ranged with a blow pipe. Literally botted no breaks and somehow not banned (even though I wouldn't mind if I got banned ) Thanks for the awesome script! Probably the best combat script I've ever seen and used.
  5. Nope, still not banned. Got 99 strength recently and now just went from 75-94 range in one shot. (No breaks at all, using blow pipe) super solid exp rates!
  6. Insanely stable bot, thanks so much. Only using a dragon scimitar, so the exp isn't as good as it could be. Going for a 200 hour no-breaks run if they don't update the game and log me out before then.
  7. Incredibly stable bot, hoping to continue non-stop til 94. The random mouse afking is a great feature also. Thanks for the professional script design!
  8. Nvm, forgot I needed 2FA on there, mb.
  9. I just created a new account 20ish minutes ago, purchased a script, but I'm unable to log in to the client. It says invalid username/password, so I reset it through e-mail, but it didn't fix it. Typed it slowly, double checked everything.. Am I supposed to enter my username instead of my e-mail into the e-mail field for logging in? Thx.
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