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  1. @Zainy does this work with lg?
  2. Amount buying: 30m Payment Method (If PayPal: PayPal Balance or Credit Card)? : paypal Will you provide ID if necessary? : yeah prefer not to Is your Paypal verified(leave blank if you are using different payment method) : yes Will you vouch me?: yes
  3. Where is gold 1.3/1.4 per mil? o_o lowest i see is 1.77
  4. How many botting accounts would you recommend per proxy?
  5. banking is broken for heros and neitz runite rocks. messaged you the problems but no response in 3 days.
  6. last night i got stuck and i restarted and get stuck here http://gyazo.com/adede38abcaa7d150a82bfa5400f7f60
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