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  1. is this shit biggg firee or what?? Thinking about buying
  2. I just got a new pc, Installing all necessary files and programs now. I got tribot and runelite downloaded, JDK 8 but for some reason it is not hooking for looking glass. Using .jar file from runelite x64 bit tribot. JDK 8 do i need to use the latest jdk version? its saying "Error: An unkown error occured preventing Tribot from successfully launching the external client. Just bought VIP again and few scripts would appreciate the help! Thanks
  3. is looking glass down? just bought vip and scripts to start going again but looking glass isnt working after runescapes little background picture update
  4. From my understanding, it looks like Tribot is on a downhill trend? I havn't seen an update since 2020? whats up with that. This has always been my favorite botting platform but it seems to be slacking. Not a very active forums anymore either since ive came back?
  5. still works but slow as can be bogs your computer down
  6. I'm running a Katana GF76 with 11th Gen i7-11800H @ 2.30ghz 16 GB of ram. Should be plenty enough but while running Runelite looking glass the tribot client is really laggy causing me too look like a bot in my opinion. The runelite client seems a little slow too. is there anyway to make the tribot client faster while running looking glass? Task manager says im using 22% cpu 43% memory 8% disk 0% wifi 7% gpu 0. 0% gpu 1
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