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  1. Thanks so much for this guide, very valuable info. Corrected and confirmed much of what I was thinking about! I have several questions if you don't mind: I'm wondering what you believe is a reasonable amount of investment in making bot accounts unique. I'm interested in building a combat-based farm of a few mid-level accounts. Do you think it's worth going for a random assortment of items that "can't be bought" like fire capes and dragon defenders, equipping some with more expensive gear than others, etc.? How do I figure out what my ping is for a specific world? Is there an easy w
  2. I was looking through some threads from a while ago in the Guides/Tutorials section and noticed several experienced botters stating that breaks and playtime don't matter in avoiding bans. By "playtime" I mean for how long someone bots at a time, not the age of the account. What are your thoughts on this lately? Other than the fact that being logged in for less time means less exposure to players who may report, I could immediately believe that breaks don't matter as it just seems to make sense intuitively, but I'm not sure about playtime beyond a certain point. I'm very curious, because it cou
  3. Hello! I'm planning to buy some instances of this soon, and I have just one question (or more depending): Does this script support items that degrade or use charges? If not... Do you intend to add this feature at some point? Would the script as it currently is have no problems if I use these items and make sure they never completely degrade/run out of charges? Thank you!
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