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  1. Hi beg the bots still working perfectly I just have a request to be able manually add how much supplies the bot takes for the runs example the bot takes 2 mil and 250 runes for mahogany logs and then restocks the money and runes from the bank when they are depleted I was wondering if your can add a feature that lets me manually add the amount taken like say I only want the bot to take 500k and only like 50 runes for the runs at a time
  2. For some reason today suddenly my client wont start I click on it and the icon appears saying its loading and then nothing shows up. Its not working on my home computer or on my vps so Im not sure if its an issue with Tribot if it is I hope it gets fixed
  3. Hi beg I captured two accounts that missclicked on the portal and both of them looked like this with similar camera angle I thought this might help fix the problem
  4. Yeah if it miss clicks ill let you know I changed my poh location to pollnivneach and ill probably check if theirs campers outside before botting. I'm also going to zoom in a lot more to give the bot a lower chance of clicking the portal.
  5. Hi beg is their anyway to stop the script from miss clicking on the portal sometimes their campers outside. I'm not sure if maybe its the camera angle so you can have the bot not go change the camera angle into a position that can easily miss click the portal I'm not sure but just wanted to let you know incase their any fix for it
  6. I did two oak runs on all my accounts and it worked smoothly so I believe the bug is fixed, Thankyou Beg!
  7. I tried the bot without the mule enabled and on one of my accounts it for some reason went to the Camelot bank in the pvp world and tried to bank there but got stuck
  8. Hi thanks for fixing that issue but another one came up for some reason on two of my accounts the bot hopped to a non pvp world and went to the Camelot bans and waited but it still had supplies in the bank.
  9. Hi Beg, Yes i set the arguments just like you shown in this photo and the bot still doesn't wait for the mule
  10. Their is problem with the bot not waiting for the mule, I typed in the name of the mule but the bot still logs out instead of waiting.
  11. Sorry for the late reply the reason I asked for this feature was because I'mm planning to mule in a crowded grand exchange to stand out less so that's why I wanted to switch to a crowded non pvp world but its not necessary if you don't believe it will benefit many users.
  12. Hi Beg, I apologize I keep asking for things but I was wondering if you can also have the scripts switch to a non pvp world before waiting for the mule to trade. If possible can the script let me choose which world to switch to.
  13. Hi Beg thanks for adding that option that is exactly what I needed for the script to wait since muling over money with multiple accounts takes time and I don't want to script to log out so again thankyou very much!
  14. Hi beg would you be able to not have the bot log out after running out of supplies. I had 2 different accounts banned at the same time ( probably a mass ban from Jagex) and because they logged i was not able to mule the money over so i was hoping you would be able to have the script not log out when out of supplies or when anything else happens
  15. Hi beg I was wondering if you can add grand exchange support for the script since manually buying things from the GE for multiple accounts takes time but its just a suggestion not something that needs to be implemented.
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