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  1. I just meant that if anything I prefer it depositing everything because that way it bring full potions to the next task rather than the leftovers. That makes sense though, no issues though mate I just thought the banking functionality might have changed. I play on TriBot client without LG but with cloaking and human-mouse movements. Almost 50-84 slayer on my iron and going smooth so far, touch wood. I bot maybe 4-5 hours max a day, normally less (FYI for anyone interested). No worries, I appreciate it's a massive update but look forward to seeing it in the future. Lovin' the gains. E
  2. I think I may have mentioned it before but is it possible to adjust the banking system to have an option in the UI to always take full potions at the start of a trip? I think that's my only moan because it's quite frustrating watching it take only a single dose at the start of a task. It wouldn't be so bad for people with super combats that can take multiple pots but as an iron I'm having to take 3 supers and can't really justify taking 6 for the sacrifice of less food. Thanks Ark. Off-topic - any ETA on catacombs? Edit: Hadn't ran it a little while and I did just notice it deposit
  3. This would be great as I just accidently alched all my leaf-bladed swords and battleaxes Running well, looking forward to catacombs. I've noticed it's not picking up long bones from fire giants with ironman-mode and ironman looting on.
  4. It's solid. It's got me to 51-75 slayer so far, I get 15k-20k exp/hour consistently which is pretty good (70/90/70 stats). It loots everything you want it to with the ironman looting and it's reliable. I wouldn't leave it running while I'm not around but you probably could quite easily. I think the main thing for us ironmen is people tend to chat more to us (I find anyway) so I like to be around for that to minimise reports. It doesn't kill anything in catacombs which is a shame for the shards but that really isn't a big issue and I feel like there's loads for people in there so more chan
  5. Script still running great on my iron, I'm quite cautious about my account but simply don't have time to play at the moment so I just babysit it while I work but barely needs it. I'm normally just on the look out of other players! Do you have a list of the differences in looting between the optimized looting and ironman looting? I'm trying to gauge whether it is worth the extra exp, as I do see the ironman looting picking up some things which I would say aren't worth the time (fishing bait for example at dags). On the contrary, I did notice it wasn't picking up irit seeds! I'm not sure if
  6. Ah I see that makes sense I've turned that on now, cheers. I have noticed that the script will hold onto used super potions after a task and bring just 1 dose to the next task. Is that a setting I have wrong somewhere, or should I tell it to take 2 sets so it doesn't just take what is remaining? I haven't seen if it will bank after running out and it's not the biggest issue I just wanted to check if it was normal. Look forward to the rune pouch and the other features on the long list!
  7. Script running good on my iron so far, haven't use it a whole lot yet but will post some more feedback as I watch it. I noticed it stopped at mutated zygomites due to not having fungicide but had some and sprays available in the bank. I've put them on skip anyway since they are a pretty bad task. Would be great to see runepouch support (even if it just held the same runes all the time such as law, fire, natures) at some point in the future but realise it's not a priority for you at the moment.
  8. I'm also having the above issue, but with karamwanji/vessel while fishing karambwans.
  9. Just bought and running fine so far, looking forward to seeing it go. Thanks Ark. Quick question though, is there a plan to add rune pouch support in the near future?
  10. Hey man, just have a couple of questions before purchasing on my ironman account. - Ironman accounts quite often use dragon battleaxe/special in combination with restore/super attack instead of using a super strength potion. Is this an option or something that may be added in the future? I'd quite like to save my super strengths as I'm lazy with farming. - Can the mounted glory option be used for banking with house teleport runes and not necessarily house tablet? I didn't see that option, I have a mounted glory but no teletabs yet. Many thanks. Looks like a great scrip
  11. Hi there, thinking about buying this for my ironman. Does it make use of teleport portals in house? I don't actually have them made yet but thinking about doing so for convenience. Edit: Will it be able to use my dragon battleaxe special?
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