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  1. Hi Thank you for this good script. I have a question. My multiplier is 0.25 because 0.5 is too slow for Looking glass. Is this a problem about banning? Do you have an advise? And what is TTL in script window?
  2. Hi friends. I have a problem about Looking Glass usage. I already read all articles and topics about Looking Glass hooking but unfortunately I could not solve my problem. I downloaded OSRS, OSBuddy x64 and RuneLite All Platforms. -First Case: I Loaded OSRS up to the Login Screen, then I loaded Tribot up to the client selection screen. I clicked New Client (Looking Glass) and Tribot could not find OSRS client and said "Client not found" -Second Case: First I loaded OSBuddy up to the login screen and again I clicked Tribot New Client (Looking Glass) I could fi
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