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  1. This script got me Slayer lvl 85 in 2 months (from lvl 1). It can be achieved much quicker if no additional time is invested into questing (although dwarf cannon and ice trolls is really a must have), training other skills (I wanted to use slayer rings, herb sack, d scimmy etc), breaks and by not having strict set of rules for antiban. My final levels went flying after I made some final tweaks to my skip list. I gained around 90k-170k xp/day and it made me around 2m+ gp/day while using a cannon. This is a really unique script and I really enjoyed using it. It's really flexible, effective
  2. Yes, I'm using LG. Well, I'm gonna have to live it with then. It's not a big deal as it occurs rarely, but it wastes supplies and looks a bit suspicious. There's also a tiny chance of dieing. On another topic - I just noticed that it still takes herb sack to Nechryael task. These monsters also dron't drop herbs.
  3. I finally got the skeletal wyverns task, but I couldn't reproduce this previously mentioned issue. I have no idea what might have caused it previously. But out of these two shields it took elemental shield from bank (which is weaker). I guess solution for this would just be to get rid of the elemental shield. New issue: I've noticed that when fighting with gargoyle superior (marble gargoyle) it won't react to its magic projectile attack (grey ball) and therefore can never finish fights with it. Getting constantly hit by this projectile consumes all the food very quickly and i
  4. Has anyone used this script to get enough points to have their slayer helmet imbued? I am considering to use it aside slayer script and was wondering how long it would take to get 1,250,000 points with this script? My account is around lvl 100 cmb and would be able to choose at least 5 melee bosses in nmz.
  5. If you're using LG with OpenOSRS, then disable all the plugins in OpenOSRS (open it separately to do that) and then try to launch it with LG again. I had the same issue with other script and this helped (a plugin in OpenOSRS caused it)
  6. Thanks for the reply Yep, both were withdrawn. I saw it during 2 separate tasks. I'll try to reproduce this and grab a debug if it happens
  7. Haven't had any NPE's after V3.43 update (on Wednesday) and the script works great. Btw I'm constantly hitting over 20k slay xp per hour and even around 30k/h with dagganoth and kalphite tasks. I've noted down some minor things, which I've noticed while monitoring the script. Maybe some of these could be improved/resolved: It takes herbsack to tasks with no herb drops (like gargoyles or greater demons) It takes both elemental and mind shield to skeletal wyverns task. Equips elemental shield If it is restocking in the bank during the task and it needs to take additional a
  8. Great script. It has various customisation and randomisation options. It does what it is supposed to do and runs well. Canifis rooftop course was absolutely flawless with it. There's only one thing which bothers me. On Seers rooftop course when starting a new lap it either runs into a bank (near deposit box) or runs past the climbing wall (to the side of the bank). It happens a lot and it looks suspicious. Is there anything that could be done with that?
  9. Script has crashed for me for a few times over the last days with this error: [19:11:59] [Antiban] ABC2: Refocusing Target java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "org.tribot.api2007.types.RSCharacter.getIndex()" because the return value of "org.tribot.api2007.types.RSPlayer.getInteractingCharacter()" is null scripts.arkscripts.slayer.j.db.I(AttackInitiation.java:319) scripts.arkscripts.slayer.j.db.test(AttackInitiation.java:306) org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.getAll(yh:209) org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.find(yh:77) org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.findNearest(yh:99) scripts.arkscripts.slayer.j.lb.I(Attac
  10. Nope, it wasn't me in the discord. But yes, I'm using looking glass. It seems that recently all the plugins were automatically turned on in my OpenOSRS client (after some recent updates). Now, after I disabled these plugins, I got the script working and it looks even better than the other one here in TRiBot. It's a pity that I got it working just before my purchase is about to expire
  11. Sadly, this script doesn't work for me. It just opens up bank interface and stares it. I wanted to craft topaz bracelets
  12. I've noticed a few times over the last few days that when TRiBot breakhandler wants to take a break then sometimes the script goes idle and does nothing. Last time it happened I couldn't react to it and my character died because it was under attack (it didn't do deathwalk either). There's not much in client debug log (I removed timestamps and death tile coordinates - pm me if u need these): [timestamp_removed] [Break Manager] Tribot wants us to take a break (user-organised break), returning home safely before the break [timestamp_removed] [I] Uploading data to servers... [timestamp_removed
  13. Does the script currently have task blocking option? I didn't find the option for it in the GUI of the script. As far as I know tasks can be blocked only after received as an assignment. Therefore should be blocked almost the same way and on same screen like skipping. Btw, my previously mentioned wall beasts issue looks fixed (previously it couldn't find the rope behind osrs map gui). I paused the script during the task couple of times and changed camera angles (the script found solution for it each time). Here's the comparison if the rope is not visible on the screen:
  14. Unfortunately that doesn't work for me for some reason (even when in-game window resize setting is turned on). It leaves the game window at the same size. I'm using OpenOSRS with looking glass. EDIT: Got it working. Had to open OpenOSRS client separately (jar file), log in and drag the client window bigger. Afterwards when logging through TRiBot, the window is as same size as it was in OpenOSRS client. Btw thanks for your help, advice and explanations.
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