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  1. The Tribot break handler. If anyone is thinking about buying this script, just do it. All of Ark's scripts are flawless, I got 99 slayer twice and Ark defender works great as well.
  2. Script works perfectly! I wish the break handler would wait to finish the game before breaking though, if I am not mistaken.
  3. 110k profit, 16k exp per hour, 1 game/hour, at 99 runecrafting... Is something wrong with this script?
  4. The script has trouble banking after it runs out of food. It logs out after no exp gains after that. [18:02:41] need to bank I found a solution to my problem, I have it use scepter every time it completes a run.
  5. Script works very well when the world hopper (Hop if competition) is not used. Tithe farm is very busy now so babysitting the script without world hopping is the only feasible way of using this script.
  6. I would definitely babysit this script. Would it be possible to add a failsafe? I think I figured out the problem. The script started planting when someone else was there and is just about to plant. If you could make it so the script hops worlds when someone else is in the area, I think that would solve the issue. I am not sure what the script defines as "competition" but I don't think the script is properly detecting other people in the area and is planting on top of them. A safer solution is probably to worldhop if someone else is in the area, period. I
  7. What location settings should I be using?
  8. Script constantly dies at Drakes. This was happening on a different account a few months ago also, I don't even have superiors enabled. It's not a big deal, I will just block them, just letting everyone know.
  9. Description: Woodcutting script that supports teaks on Isle of Souls. Payment amount: $5/month? Time: >1 Month Additional details: I am close to maxing on my main. Unfortunately Einstein is gone so his premium Woodcutting script isn't being updated. I don't want to take risks or change my methods since I am so close to being maxed. Woodcutting is the only skill that doesn't have a reliable premium script, this is a good opportunity to control the market!
  10. I would pay for a premium script if it supported teaks at Isle of Souls. I think there is room for some new scripts ever since Einstein left and your name is trusted.
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