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  1. I have been playing with the settings and I think it's cos the default world changed to -1 which kept it at whichever world I started the bot in. I've changed that instead and it works now. Not sure why that changed but all good now.
  2. I have selected the worlds I want to stay on but it keeps hopping me to random empty worlds instead of staying on a BF world. Is there something I can do to stop that?
  3. I ran it for a few hours but I realised that I had set 200 but hadn't clicked to actually use custom mouse speed so it was really slow lol. Changed it now and I am getting 73k an hour! Thanks for the help!
  4. I have optimised my settings according to your recommendations and am smelting Addy bars. Your original images are showing 72k/hr but I'm getting roughly 51k. Is there anything I am missing to get that kind of speed? Is there a number i should be putting for mouse speed? I have it 200 at the moment.
  5. Hey I was wondering which option would get me the fastest exp/hour? I've tried minnows and barb fishing but not sure what else can get me faster without 3 ticking barbs. Thanks!
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