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  1. Love your scripts @Aropupubut I'm not sure what is causing this issue when trying to recharge the staff. The script will left click talk to the mummy and press not right now. It won't start the mini game because of this and the bot will continue to stand there. The client debug is distance debug: 25 Any idea what's causing this?
  2. Hi, is the script still running flawless. Planning on booting it up again for another 99 agility
  3. Have tried this but exp rates are very low, barely getting 5-6k exp per hour
  4. Looking into this currently as it's the fastest RC exp for irons without ess and also for magic exp. I have tried the JustLibrary but it's barely getting 5-6k of exp per hour
  5. @JustJAwesome script man, really looking forward to seeing some update on it and more efficiency as it's barely getting 30-40 books per hour. This could be the best runecrafting exp script on tribot as well as for magic, which is almost triple the exp gained. Looking forward to your response. I know this is a free script but it would be really nice to see it as a premium script if it can be updated and more efficient. Right now I'm barely getting 5-10k exp per hour with it. This is the best method for irons to get RC exp without essence and also the magic exp if you can have
  6. grats! can't wait to get that on my hardcore acc and hopefully the pet
  7. After using the script for 200+ games, I can say that the script is stable but can use a few minor changes, otherwise I'd rate the script 7/10. 1. I have noticed that once entering Tempoross and depending on where the fishing spot is, It will always move to a tile while everyone is already fishing at the spot, making it somewhat suspicious. 2. I have noticed that when watering the fires is turned off, it will stay in one spot and kind of flail around until the fire is out. (Not a big deal but thought I'd mention it) 3. When loading the ammunition crate(full invo) and after it ru
  8. Wish this was still in testing / beta will have to pick it up soon
  9. Hey, script doesn't work without stamina pots.. Is it possible to make it work without using them or adding Super energy? Script works if you start while inside but ends the script because there are no stamina potions. Also will not recognize what rogues item you have in the bank and will proceed to take the head piece which caused me to get two of them so will need to stop the script as soon as it finishes if it gets a crate. Other than that, it functions and does the whole game. Looking forward to obtaining the full set with this. Thanks! Script works if you start while insid
  10. There's a really nice sandcrabs script that I've used and it works really well so I would consider checking that out. I'm almost out of my 30 days of this script and all I can say is it runs flawless with banking and looting and has great customization (looting, alching, potions, and picking up loot.) Thank you for a great quality script, will definitely be buying this again. 10/10 Great script with great features @Optimus I think to really make this script flawless and undetectable would be a built in AFK mode like aAgility/aPlunder/aMining would really make this script more am
  11. 10/10 Great script have bought a few times now, two accounts with 20M+ FM exp and have gotten the pet at least 4 times now on multiple accounts. Will definitely pick the script back up again for more exp and crates at a later stage of my account as I plan to use this for 200M and hopefully not get banned. Thanks once again for a great script and for all the gainz!
  12. Thanks, I will test it out soon once I have the runes for it using it for an iron account
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