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  1. Thanks for the reply @Pwningcows I tried both roof ON and OFF but I still get the similar issue sometimes... Right now, I set my accounts to chop Yew in Grand Exchange (North of Varrock Castle) for the mean time but notice that it banks in Varrock west bank instead of GE which is much closer. I found a workaround for that issue. I set the Stop after achieving level to 99
  2. Hey @Einstein... just wanna say your WC script is sweet and working flawlessly.....most of the time... For some reason it can't decide on what to do and just keep clicking the same area (see picture below). It does not rotate the camera or zoom out, it's just stuck in there clicking on an empty area.. I had to manually unstuck it. It's supposed to chopped Yew in Edgeville. I'm using breaks by the way... I notice that it gets stuck at the very beginning of the script run, regardless if it was fresh start or just returning from break.. Hope you can fix this little annoyan
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