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  1. What the actual fuck, it just went into the wilderniss and ended the script, i usually never watch the bot but thank god i was at my pc at the moment. (i wear 50m of gear)
  2. Nothing suspicious in the debug when the mouse is slow, has been running really well today though.
  3. I dont use looking glass and its been having issues for me though, today and yesterday. The mouse moves really slow and it has problems with skipping a task, it gets stuck on the skip/block window. I dont get it, it has been running flawless for all week but since yesterday its been having issues.
  4. Mouse moves so slow today, it made me die to a superior foe. After collecting the items it goes back without any supplies to die again because daxwalker takes so long to find a path to bank. Cant you make it like get supplies before it goes back? And have like a safety exit teleport when out of food instead of relying on daxwalker to work? Would be so much better if could start finding a path after its safe. It also got stuck on exiting death graveyard thingy, after collecting the items it wouldnt click on the exit window button, and after it missclicked the portal and stood the
  5. Would buy if it had like a antiban that waits between 1-5 seconds after actions.
  6. Cant find path in the dagganoth cave, on top of the ladder inside the 5 runes wall.
  7. It has been doing pretty good on most tasks, but when passing the trolls, it only uses protect from range after it has already passed the trolls and it doesnt turn it off the protect from range. I had 3 prayer only left too when it started to using protect from range. Question; do those trolls stop throwing rocks when you pass after youve done a certain quest?
  8. Shouldve screenshotted the 60 hour proggy. Got 82-99 str from this, i botted multiple days without a break many times.
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