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  1. Hello everyone I am a returning player to old school runescape and I am also new to the tribot community. I'm not very familiar with botting and scripting but I have an idea about how they work. Back in 2015 few of my accounts were banned for botting non stop. No breaks were taken at all. Now I'm back to game and I want to use scripts because alot of skills are very boring to grind and I don't have the time. But this time I want to do it safely. I know and understand there is no way you prevent getting banned 100% but I want to reduce the chances as much as possible. My question is to all
  2. i just bought premium vip extended version but my client doesnt show looking glass and it shows me this [20:41:00] Could not load human mouse data. Reason: Human mouse data encryption key not found. Help please
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