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  1. Hi yeah, when i try to do this it automatically just runs to start a new dream are these the correct settings i should be using ? https://imgbox.com/cBWYwNu2
  2. Hi, just wondering i know the bot will grab 10 herb boxes after run but is there a option where i could just spend all my points on herb boxes? thanks
  3. Hi, i just bought vip bc it wouldn't lemme run more than 2 scripts so i purchased vip and when i go on my account on tribot it says this " ORDER DATE PAYMENT STATUS FULFILLMENT STATUS TOTAL #24311 30 Apr 06:53 Paid Unfulfilled 6.50 just took a bit too process me purchasing this now everything is running smooth
  4. Hi, yeah i dont normally use advanced settings but when i do im not sure how to use the set button, it says use the middle button on your mouse? thx
  5. Hi, this script normally runs fine but i get an error saying "we have ended up to far from our safe tile to continue" thx
  6. Hi, Idk why but my tribot app closed and now when i try running the script i get this message, apart from that working flawlessly https://imgbox.com/lY4PGxwn nvm back working now
  7. my bad broski my bad... Hi, i purchased your script but cant run on 2 accounts. i get a message on the client debug saying "the maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Cannot run script." thx did u fix this thx?
  8. Hi, thanks for the quick response. yeah im not to sure how to use these forumx but other bots are running fine https://imgbox.com/HDuC4jP0
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